Here’s What Will Happen After the “Big One” Inevitably Hits California

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California is the land of beaches, mountains, and all the legal marijuana you can stomach. It’s also, inconveniently, a dangerous minefield riddled with nasty fault lines that rupture without much warning, generating massive earthquakes that can level buildings, pulverize roads, and kill lots of people in the span of seconds.

The San Andreas is the most notorious of these faults. It runs roughly 800 miles long and produces quakes so catastrophic that there’s a 2015 action movie about it starring The Rock. The southern section of the fault generates earthquakes every 150 years on average, and considering some parts of it haven’t ruptured in more than 200 years, Southern California is overdue for a major shaking, otherwise known as “the Big One.”

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roslan bayu says:

Soon >>

Michelle Sartori says:

Hi. I believe that CA is going to see "The Big One" sooner rather than later. As we are in the GSM or Global Solar Minimum, the lack of solar activity, in comparison to periods when there is "normal " solar activity, 2 things happen. Firstly the global temperatures decrease and this causes an increase in volcanic activity and in earthquake activity. There is a vast amount of information on this on YT and 2 channels I suggest you view are "Oppenheimer Ranch Project" and "Ice Age Farmer ". There's another channel Iview often, but its name escapes me. If you go to ORP you should find it around there! Yellowstone is having an increase in magma intrusion and earthquake activity not only on the caldera but over the whole supervolcano. For YS updates I go to Mary Greeley News. She has a good knowledge base and a way to get info that the USGS is supressing. There are far more recorded quakes and they are larger than the population is told they are. It would not surprise me to find that the government has a plan in place to actually CAUSE the San Andraes Fault to "go". They'd certainly get rid of a lot of the people they want to get rid of. BTW I DONT live in the US, but that won't save us here in Australia if Yellowstone or the NZ supervolcano goes off either!

Motouyuu says:

If anything happens it will really be the fault of DARPA and HAARP with their Direct Energy Weapon tech they've been researching for decades. I remember seeing a video where a light flashed in the sky in Mexico before they had their first recent 2018 quake. They are definitely signaled by a direct wave

sOLoTip510 says:

Hayward ReppN… I wouldn't know what to do… done deal here

ErrlyGrowr says:

this is as stupid as thinking an island can "tip over". fucking ridiculous

Rebel with a cause says:

The Hayward fault is more likely to let loose…Every 140 to 150 years it does and were at 148.

I Belong, Amen! Ministries says:

LORD Willing!


The thumbnail looks like a diagram of erectile disfunction

Mando H says:

If it turns out like Puerto Rico, then it will probably be bad. Third world country bad! Republicans love swimming in their own shit!

Morgan Whiteley says:

Looks like Baja peninsula use to be attached to the continent and interesting that fault line looks like it's what caused it to split off. I've lived in the Mojave high desert in .CA and have found sea shells so it use to be underwater that's for sure.

RD says:

Let us pray.

Glenn, A Fellow Servant says:

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Troy Brownrigg says:

The good news is Arizona gets ocean front property!

Nelo Carrero says:

Scientist said that only thousands will die. That's because the smart ones moved out.

Well Prepped Pantry says:

Hayward is a larger immediate concern for that geographical area..however it's unlikely to matter that much which one first.. there is more likely to be a significant chain reaction.. look at it more like a geological land mass shredding…type of an event..
But.. that little graphic you put not bad… However… there are very likely some significant fault that will react further in (eastward)..that will create some issues as well. This will significantly effect your how supply ways that people dont fully understand..

Tim Gannon says:

Possibly the worst problem arising from a grid down event like this, would be our internet the hell would we get our daily Dahboo fix if that happened? I don't know how I could survive going without my daily Dahboo!
Seriously though, roads, bridges, and railways would be disrupted, making not only aid harder, but again, shipping of products that might not have been destroyed in the quake or coming in from the ports, on the odd chance they can operate, next to impossible.

Niles Wright says:

dah-boo-boo what-iffin again…, really bad, formulaic fecal dark matter will always try to come to the top of his bowl and that is so sad 🙁

nathan h says:

What will happen? I’ll hope the broken part sinks into the ocean.

CA WattsGlobal says:

Better change the ports location. Right?

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