“Hillary Clinton Gave Uranium To Russia & You Say I’m Close” President Trump Slams Reporter

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NEW!President Donald Trump Slams Reporter And Hillary Clinton!
“Hillary Clinton Gave Uranium To Russia & You Say I’m Close” President Trump Slams Reporter

original air date 2/16/2017

“Hillary Clinton Gave Uranium To Russia & You Say I’m Close” President Trump Slams Reporter


Dave Coronado says:

Go. TRUMP…But don't go to War in SYRIA under False Flag Chemical attacks. done by a Saudi backed Moderate TERRORIST GROUP

GinSkimPivot says:

He's an idiot, but you have to respect a man in his position when he gives the mainstream the finger with such contemptuous clarity.

albert speer says:

who let this assholes in ! and why give them the time and date to this assholes,

albert speer says:

TRUMP!!!! 2020 mother fucking liberals

me me says:

The media gets Trumpld again


LOLOLOLMy side hurts Trump is god….total savage NO FUCKS GIVEN

Dicky Ball says:

FUCK you and fuck off, leftist biased so called media.

pepi00411 says:

I'm going to tell you so that our enemies know exactly what to do to counter it. Fucking BRAINLESS media. Do they think the American people actually want to know what the president is going to do to these other countries, no. We just want to know how he is going to keep us fat and safe and happy with our lives.

daniel Davis says:

It has been proven that Hillary NEVER sold or gave uranium to Russia or anyone. It is a lie from Alex Jones and for the US President to repeat lies, just shows that No one in the Trump White house can tel the truth about anything, from meetings with Russians to baking a pie. “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” Albert Einstein

JL Osso says:

Way to go “ Sir”

Ali Mohammond says:

Obama always talk about when he was gonna attack is, but when his army get there, he said " damn where did everybody go"!!

mariadawn87 says:

Trump is the best.reporters stupid fucks

Iris Friesen says:

This Clinton/Uranium story is tabloid ghost-of-Elvis-and-Tupac fabricated conspiracy theory horseshit. The Uranium One conspiracy theory was created by Peter Schweizer and while some of the information contains facts, he creates speculative claims and misleading conspiracy theories. The Republican party has renewed the conspiracy theories in an attempt to deflect from Trump Russia.

Vishal Yadav says:

One Savage President

Fernando fdo says:

well done Mr President

raq0915 says:

Major fucking garret at it again

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