Humboldt survivor speaks from hospital bed | ‘Pain is temporary’

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Humboldt bus crash survivor Ryan Straschnitzki has a broken back but says the “pain is temporary” and he’s planning to push through it. He has already set his sights on becoming an Olympic sledge hockey player.
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Grace Clayton says:

Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you and your family

Elgeebee says:

God be with you. Stay positive. It took me almost a year to somewhat recover after my car was hit by a drunk driver.

MaryJane kush says:

Such a fighter….we pray for you

Vanessa SavedByGrace says:

God bless you guys ❤

carythom247 CLI says:

Ontario is with you

Slacker says:

Stay strong ryan the hockey communities are with you.

1Creelady says:

Good luck on your journey young man. Stay strong.

Terryn Willman says:

Who has the right to dislike this get a life

seaner says:

Does anybody know if he will walk again?

seaner says:

Buses should have seatbelts.

Blue shirts Hockey says:

God Bless you Ryan. Prayers for Humboldt Broncos forever.

-ItsKesler17 - says:

Walking the streets of Vancouver i’d say 1 in 4 people had a jersey on and every second house had a stick by there door. Shows you that theres no community stronger then the hockey community. God bless us for being Canadian.

daniel smith says:

What’s wrong with this woman. Such insensitive and brutal questioning for the ratings

Andrea Sony says:

Praise be to God. I thank God for your life Ryan, and a full recovery. God has a great plan for you brother.

Dylan Warrick says:

Incredible person sorry for what happened and we all prey for you and your team stay strong

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