Last rebel fighters pushed out of Syria’s Douma | Al Jazeera English

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A warning: viewers may find some of the images in her report distressing.

Syrian government forces have pushed the last rebel fighters out of the town of Douma, according to the Reuters news agency quoting a Russian military official.

It is the last rebel stronghold in the Eastern Ghouta enclave outside Damascus.

Russian military police have also been deployed to take over security.

Al Jazeera’s Mereana Hond reports.

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Ann Erickson says:

well the US is trying hard to bring back isis. more strikes from France UK and US right before an investigation

Tim Stranger says:

Фейк ньюз. И за эту ложь Всевышний накажет журношлюшек страшным наказанием.

Norman Smithers says:

if donald trump thinks the bombing of japan at hiroshima and nagasaki in ww2 was legitimate and brought an end to the war with the japanese, despite the radiation burning the faces off of thousands of people, many of whom were children, then he should applause the russians and assad for ending the war in syria, and in so doing bringing much relief to the ordinary person in america and britain who are still frightened of terror attacks.
the west owe a big show of gratitude to russia, not make them the bad guys.
lest we forget, they lost millions of people in ww2.
trump must be guided by his conscience, not fake news from the uk & syrian 'rebels' (isis).
the 'rebels' would slaughter assad and his followers if they were to gain power.
if trump thinks the russians are wrong then he must also think the americans were a bunch of murdering animals for dropping an atomic bomb on japan.

grinningchicken says:

Where are the pictures of the people of Ghouta celebrating Jaysh al-Islam banishment

Desmond Lyle says:

They should send the rebels to there creator's USA, UK etc

Bas says:

u mad al jazeera?

Abdul Razak says:

Saudi Arabia are still committing war crimes in Yemen
why not report that?

Falco Peregrinus says:

Al Jazeera really propping up it's Al Nusra wahabi/salafist terrorists.

Amar Nadh says:

i want peace in middle east and africa

Joshua Paul says:

Army of Islam aka "moderate rebels" kidnapped more than 4000 civilians, who belonged to different minorities, they used their slave labor to dig tunnels. Less than 200 survived. Fake news AJ will never tell their story.

Abid Adonis says:

So, Jaish Al Islam is rebel? Not a terrorist?

Yun Fu says:

So yea All in all worth or not worth ?

1982vergil says:

There's NO God but Bashar al-Assad.
May the Alawite Shabiha, Shia Hashd Al Shaabi and the Ansar Allah be victorious and take all their lands, wealth, oil fields, crops, farm animals and even their women. Ameen

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