Nancy Pelosi: Trump Acted ‘Above the Law’

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D.R. Lane says:

LOL and we believe her input WHY…?. .nevermind, she lost it long ago & meant Oblamo & HRC, et al


Ya lost it Joe . Some one brain washed your head .

gonecoastal4 says:

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and she is definitely a broken clock. Trump could cure cancer and Pelosi would attack him for putting people out of work. My Dad would say: She would bitch, even if she was hanged with a new rope.

Granville Higgins says:

Trump can't work in a vacuum and can't shut the country down. He will handle the omni bus by removing funding for a lot of the BS. Attacking Syria, he chose very safe targets and kept the lions at bay. He isn't a king and trying to navigate a swamp. Guess you are a fair weather friend, just like Alex.

Still better than any other option.

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