Syrian Chemical Attack Is A False Flag To Start World War

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The Globalist cabal often repeats techniques out of the same playbook to force the US into war, but the American people are beginning to catch-on.

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Richard Ruscoe says:

I hope we all flood the net with all the ff ops. Our military youth deserve the truth. Not killing themselves when they understand it.

Flint Westwood-Clint's twin cousin says:

This is all a prelude to overthrow Syria and cause a larger conflict. The Syrian people support Assad and their military against the aggression of Western militaries and ISIS…

-̶̷̲̿B̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿I̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿L̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿L̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿Y̶̷̲̿-̶̷̲̿ -̶̷̲̿G̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿A̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿R̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿M̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿A̶̷̲̿ ̶̷̲̿N̶̷̲̿-̶̷̲̿ says:

Im sick and tired of the UK making the USA look bad…

frank maiello says:

It's obvious to me, this has been planned and executed by the elite cabal. Seems they're itching to be entertained by a nuclear exchange, just like some of them who checked into nearby buildings and were probably eating popcorn and drinking champagne watching the 9/11 show. Yes, that's how sick they've become considering, for starters, what goes on at Bohemian Grove and Jeckyl Island. Narcissistic psychopaths.

James Plunkett, jr. says:

All I can say is pray for America and for OUR president. Prayers do change things and God knows what our nation needs.

Sh0t says:

Trump's presidency is a False Flag

Martin heun says:

Compare Trump and Putin who is the most reliable?

Martin heun says:

This is the moment RT-tv becomes reality-tv.

Martin heun says:

Jelling room the USA- way.

sizzler 102 says:

thanks for this vid <3

D adshade says:

You are wrong .It's all about Israel.Those that bless her will be blessed and those that curse her will be cursed and you can take that to the bank .God is not a liar read your Bible before it's too late.

Marcia Fajardo says:

Ataque químico promovido pela Síria história para boi dormir …Todos mas Todos no mundo inteiro sabe das reais intenções dos americanos e israelenses:OIL PETROLEO, OURO NEGRO…nao querem ajudar ninguém querem salvar suas economias através da riqueza de outros países. VAÍ TE CATAR EUA

Theo McDonald says:

So I see infowars stil do conspiracy theories. Was 9/11 stil an inside job?

kfr 0329 says:

Steve is an idiot. I ised to watch his channel, but he’s been way off base, way too much. Not credible imo.

ademar9988 says:


Pop Pop says:

Chemical attack came right after Donald Trump had said to take the military back home. That is just coincident. Israel not scare being alone in middle east at all and doesn't think any to pull the US military to be there. Yeah, That is high price to pay for………

Christopher O'Neil says:

Interesting how in the middle of all of this Israel decided to strike Syria, followed up by a statement by Netenyahu that "Iran will not be allowed to have a presence in Syria". I wonder WHO is behind all this… Spoiler alert: It's Mossad.

theJIMMYfella says:

Resistance as started hey wheres me pad (:

Zander77777 says:

This channel has been on 2.3 million subscribers for probably a year, or more.

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