Ted Cruz GOES OFF On Mark Zuckerberg For Censoring Conservative Media On Facebook

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Ted Cruz Goes OFF On Mark Zuckerberg For Censoring Conservative Media On Facebook

Today Mark Zuckerberg Testimony ended up pretty bad for CEO of facebook
Ted Cruz pressed him on questions about conservative media

mark zuckerberg testify happened on 4/10/2018

senate judiciary committee hearing in congress

this is politics news and political news from the usa us news and usa news

this is current events in top stories and top news in world news

this was straight to business questions

original air date: 4/10/2018


John Sullivan says:

I dont think zuckerberg actually answered a single question. every time the question goes to him, instead of starting with "yes" or "no" its …"well, i'll tell you how I look at it" no you fucking weasle! we dont care how you rationalize it in your head, answer the fucking question like every other american would have to do if they were on trial.

audio9849 says:

booo hoo facebook doesn't like stuffy conservatives whaaaaaaaaa.

John 33 says:

These government hearings are such a joke. None of the people being questioned seem to be able to answer simple questions.

WU-OVO-XO says:

"Mr Suckerberg…"


When zuckenberg promotes communism

TuccMe says:

Zuccs a cucc

Paul Basta says:

Zuckerberg can literally tell cruz to suck off his own mother and nothing will happen. If i had zuckerbergs money it would be insane

Paul Basta says:

Eat a fat dick ted cruz. Mark zuckerberg needs to stop SWEATING the bullshit and realize that he has enough fuck you money to go around!

mynameis bob says:

Lmao, "Senator well we…"

RNGesus says:

I love how everyone is talking shit about facebook mean while they've got Microsoft software running… hahahahahahahahahahah it's so hilarious

ßryGuyD says:

RIP Facebook


ßryGuyD says:

Zuckerman is going down with his Facebook

P L says:

Facebook and Zuckerberg is a coward like Obama and a mother fucking liar!!!

Owen Owen says:

Teddy upset because he didn't get that Zucc from Mark.

teeth man says:

lmao at Ted Cruz's sad attempt at cornering Zuckerberg. "Are you aware of any democrat pages being taken down?" Why would you think Zuckerberg knows about each individual page on the #1 social media site in the fucking world? He sets a guideline for this exact reason. If a page is posting content or sending messages against the site's guidelines, it's taken down. Clearly, the "poor conservative citizen's pages" were against guidelines. Wow Ted, you really got a zinger on him there. He really should have studied every exact page on his site!

Korryu says:

So whats the point of all of this?

Elliott W says:

Cause Trump and Ted Cruz is garbage

Bloody Ninja says:

So ted is butt hurt a company is not representing their views and possibly blocking them from the public. So.. next we are going to bitch at CNN and Fox News? This argument has nothing to do with why mark is there. Fucking redneck hillbilly morons stop embarrassing the white race with such idiocies.

Debbie Willey says:

By the look on his face, Zuckerberg must have wet his pants on that first question! He's such a shill.

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