The People Strike Back Anti Slap Suit Filed Against Georgetown University

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Jakub Kotyza says:

oh good a live version of the whole circuss…

HUCK stir says:

uh Alex %90 of independent media has been shut down and terminated . They already won . No revolution could even happen ,"all communication is monitored ," we are unable to coordinate one . The second amendment should have been used 20 years ago . It is to late now

Kathleen Brady says:

Dr. Corsi, I love ya mate, I do! I am grateful for all that you do. I do have to say..this is the 2nd time that you have made the point that you know people and they would reasonably accomodate the FBI, if just asked? Did they do that to Cliven, Ammon or Ryan Bundy? How about LaVoy Finicum? What about all those that were involved with Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January of 2016? I don't know a single, solitary soul, of the "normal people", that the FBI Calls and doesn't break in your damn door at 4am? Yet you think they are NOW acting like thugs? They have been acting like thugs for YEARS! SWATS for everything, it's disgusting. So, do you want everyone to be treated the same by the law?? I'd say Manafort and Cohen, received that. I disagree with their tactics, and generally agree that you should be given the opportunity to turn in what they want or ask to speak to you before they do the search warrants. But at least they are no longer paying attention to perceived class.. and are doing it to the people in the circles closest to the Elite Criminal RICO Cabal that is still subverting this country.

Vibratory Existence says:

Nice Admiralty flag in the back drop!! That's not there with gold fringe for nothing. Subtly you can see…

Adam Smith says:

Democratic party political electoral systems such as in the West seem to develop into virtual single party systems. An oligarchy of professional, careerist politicians split the winnings and play their parts for either party — differing only enough for the media to dramatise conflict & debate. When it comes to the issues that matter, there is no conflict, there is one voice. If there was a real right wing polity in existence in the West, there'd be no Alt Right. A form of corporate, globalist liberalism has taken root that so far conforms to the cultural Marxist dogma of today's progressive parties & satisfies leftist sheeple. Appealing to engineered identity/victim groups, laws on top of laws evidencing utopian human rights & equality. Reactions to short term emotional hysteria rather than long term, existential crisises. Avoiding any hard truths/realities that might force tough decision making — duties for which politicians are paid to take responsibility. Mature, individualist democracies lead only to decline, corruption, degeneracy, betrayal. Perhaps WWIII or a natural catastrophe will wipe the slate clean & lead to something better… or much worse

linda h says:

It would be nice if we could hear her! My car’s on 40 and iPhone on high and barely heard her voice abd not what she said! Fix her mic.

Common Sense Gaming says:

what the hell?!?! Ford fisher is there? wierd.. look out for any chargers driveing around alex

Jennifer M says:

What is the music you used beginning and end of podcast? Love it, would really like to know the source. Thanks

Jennifer M says:

love the music . . . . do more, do more, do more

Jennifer M says:

How about the idea of launching massive class-action suits like what Q talked about recently . . . . . . .

Jennifer M says:

We love you Alex, Leeanne, Roger, Rob, Jerome, Lee, Jack …everybody up on this podium. Absolute American Heroes. So lucky to have you helping our country, our nation, our lives. We appreciate you BIGLEY!!! We WILL prevaiil in this epic battle between good and evil, and in the process, possibly transform the future exopolitics of planet, our solar system, our galaxy, possibly our universe. Sounds woo-woo, but maybe it is that important what's going down right now.

Jennifer M says:

Call these academic/ivy league whores what they reallly are, Roger . . . . . they are APPARATCHIK . . . . people who sell their souls and serve the apparatus of totalitarianism, tyranny, "full spectrum dominance". It is time to start calling these people, ESPECIALLY in academia, what they truly are.


See! thats why you get in to trouble Alex, soros never said best time of his life. He said something else. i know its semantics but it matters

Bobby Jones says:

solid lawyer. give em hell Alex!

Oddman Badman says:

I like it when he’s pissed off flapping his arms around like whale

GrandmaAmerica57 says:

I hope they pay your lawyers fees Roger..when they lose. Alex…can't you talk like the rest of your guests? Calm, collected and to the point?

Anthony Agnello says:


Shane Zuelke says:

Leanne's points and speech was POWERFUL. She is carrying in her the spirit of 1776 without any doubt great job!

HybridCheef says:

i love how alex keeps coming back to the podium lol. halarious. lean come here! alex in the back "something captain america lol"

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