Trey Gowdy Interview (part 1)

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Jacko B says:

How many times did Gowdy tell us Comey was neutral.. why should we believe him now?

Far North Weaver says:

Gowdy is a coward. He's "deep state", that much has become obvious.

K Mac says:

We want our country back. And WE'RE GOING TO GET IT. Democrat CORRUPTIONS is beyond the pale.

Mr. Tee says:

Hey Trey! Did you happen to see the damning text messages sent from FBI counter intelligence director Strzok to DOJ lawyer Paige? You speak as if those texts don't exist. As if this entire investigation isn't a set up, an insurance policy in case Hillary lost. And I know you know all about the FBI botch investigation into Hillary's emails. You failed us Trey.

Mr. Tee says:

Trey doesn't see why Rosenstein, a key witness who helped draft the memo recommending the firing of Comey, needs to be fired or recused from investigating,… himself? After all, Mueller is supposedly looking into obstruction of justice for …..the firing of Comey!! For that reason alone, Trey, YOU should at least be calling for his recusal. WTF Trey!! Last week you recommended that the President sit down with Mueller. A terrible, terrible idea! Its obvious you've been an establishment hack the whole time. Good riddance.

Tyson Kloeppel says:

Purple tie again. wtf. Saturn, Satan worship.

Warpmine says:

Herr Mueller came into contact multiple times with crimes like the scandal of Uranium One but failed to refer to another prosecutor while he was heading the FIB.
Oh never mind, I forgot, Democratic party operative.

Hallands Menved says:

Professional interview!

Ken King says:

Neutral detached federal judge. What a joke.

Joel D says:

I used to have a lot of respect for Trey Gowdy….But he can longer be trusted!!

Twirlip Of The Mists says:

I've never voted for a Republican in my life, including Trump.

This whole thing is essentially a coup attempt.

There, I said it.

Ralph Mundo says:

Gowdy is controlled opposition,….he thinks Mueller is honorable????….joke.

Tony Davis says:

Why do they keep asking if he's going to fire Mueller? Because they are begging him to.

Tony Davis says:

Damaging book? Wallace wishes. Gowdy has too much faith in the legal system. EVERYTHING has to do with politics

q. y. says:

If we allow law officers to treat people differently based on their personal views, it would be a very dangerous practice and it could happen to anyone.

Chuck Desylva says:

Trey is a good man

q. y. says:

Double standard. It is so obvious to american people. Only some politicians pretended not see it. On one side, fbi helped people to destroy evidences. On the other side, raid home to get evidences.

q. y. says:

Robernstein is obviously biased since beginning. Why did he appoint a special counsel so quickly for firing comey though he recommended for firing Comey ?

Harder Harder says:

Cone head Gowdy cannot pretend any longer…he never liked Trump. But, he does know a lot about a “blindfolded woman with a set of scales.” He is a champion of equal protection under the law,. The problem is that Gowdy cannot explain why Mueller avoids looking into Hillary who was discovered to have colluded with Russia. Mueller is a special persecutor. They all know that, that is why they a want a bill to protect Mueller in his witch hunt. They already are giving Mueller millions of dollars.

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