War In Syria Is The Globalists’ Last Desperate Attempt To Destroy Trump

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JASON M says:

Actually the evalgalist believe he was a goody two shoe.They voted for this false phrophet just like this man.A man of hate.

This guy is out of his mind.

Joseph Barclay Ross says:

You "still support Trump," Alex? Then go to hell with that Rothschilds pawn, today, warmonger, war criminal, and all-around asshole. He who does the work of the Devil is the Devil.

Joseph Barclay Ross says:

Kind of makes you eat crow about having supported the bastard war criminal and Rothschilds pawn Donald Trump so hard during his election campaign, eh, Alex?

Scott Gibson says:

Love ya,Alex.I look forward to every video.I remember the Cuban missile crisis.Even,as young as I was,I remember thinking”Can they really be stupid enough to think you can win a nuclear war”Yeah,I was a precocious kid with a genius IQ.Keep bringing us the truth

Emen Ahmad says:

The world, is gearing up to WW3.

Silly Wabbit says:

You need to trust our president, this is not the first time you've jumped off the Trump train your just waiting for him to do something instead of backing him. Jump off and stay off, quit freaking out.


LOOK – Trump is the one that has launched the attack in Syria today! – It was his decision !- Not the globalists.

Escco Escco187 says:

Wow I think we should get out USA. We might get blow up here

Pete G says:

..He has been going Sideways. Open your eyes

lllovegunlll says:

Mr. Trump, do you understand? This is not a comic book, not a game, not a Hollywood blockbuster, is it a reality. And the reality is that – ALL can DIE!

stan marsh says:

ridiculous ….peoples gonna be tired of all trunps drama soon if he don't get it together………i could care less what happens in syria …..american kids need a good safe life….not endless war….

MR K says:

Its not worth an ATOMIC WAR for a false flag. The POTUS should have more COMMON SENSE than that.. OUR Potus is too smart for BS.

mason wilder says:

Remember when Alex was bipartisan?

Bitcoin Baller! says:

Trump is playing 3D chess, making the globalists think he's siding with them, and is ready to attack Russia.
Looks like he's got Alex fooled. Trump has been two steps ahead of the globalist for the past 2 years.
Now is no different, except he may be 3 steps ahead of them now….

Gauldron Sage says:

Let the war begin, come lord jesus, let the storm begin NOW in jesus name

Lingi6 says:

Why does U.S fear Russia ? When they say they are weak.

Tony Humphreys says:

Keep up the good work Alex, you speak how I feel, respect.

jim kean says:

Russia is doing this to justify nuking the US.

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