What Is This? Mystery Structure Found In Antarctica

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A very curious looking structure has been spotted on Antarctica. If you try to zoom in all the way on google maps, you can make the shape out. I used other software to help zoom in even closer. The are does resemble a built structure with maybe even a road that leads up to it!
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bigtoe2108 says:

The Russians did it


I use to live there 2578885bce.m.e

DVincentW says:

Its what's left from The Thing…

Bitcoin Baller! says:


No sheeple says:

FIRST ALWAYS DABOO, This is part of an ancient alien civilization. That's why we aren't allowed to go there. ADMIRAL BIRD…saw ufos, and was chased away. Nazis were supposed to have gone there rumor has it and lived in the underground tunnels that are as warm and tropical as of the tropics in the world. we are not allowed to go there only Elites can go there. we have the largest infrared telescope there . last year Obama Kerry, Putin, the Pope and also the high Christian Priest of Russia visited . top secret alien life force living there giving us technology many believe the fallen angels are there. lots of speculation and yes it's melting. so we're seeing more from Google sky but they also blocking it off with big squares thanks.

sunwarz says:

Why don't you, try to raise some Money, and organize a team to go there, maybe there is another channel doing the same, and you can team up and go together?

Mindy Wiley says:

Thank you n God Bless!

Shawn Satrina Rodriguez says:

Doesn't look natural to me. Great find!

James Smith says:

It's 3 staples on construction paper.

Fully Awakened says:

Very Interesting …..

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