Starbucks Giving Black People Free Coffee for “Reparations”?

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Heu Valadao says:

I want my free coffee!

Shape430 says:

I've never walked into a starbucks, are the employees generally this stupid? lol.

Hygiene Care says:

Make that man famous like the cash me ouuside girl

john kelso says:

hey its their money if they want to overcharge you and me and use our money to pay to give a special class another spcl. privilege that's their business. If you don't want to subsidize this action then boycott starbucks for a month get coffee at McDonalds. Everyone should bring a drink from 7/11 and sit at starbucks tables and "wait for someone" maybe you can get some free coffee too!

Barry Super says:

Go to Starbucks and order in some Pizzas- Love it.

MrEd says:

Damn white Libarats are " DUMB SHITS " !!!!!!!!!!

sonsofliberty 078 says:

Jesus, even crazy ass Alex Jones has called out Trump. When will the Diceman wake the fuck up and admit Trump is a fuckin puppet to the zionist. How the mighty have fallen.

kk kat piter says:

As a non-American, what I see in America is an Economic Culture problem….affecting whites, blacks, latinos, all races. It is a culture grown from the economic suppression that makes these people follow the victim status. It is not a racial cultural problem, it is the economy they live in. If you do well a school you are bullied, must have weapons and use violence to protect yourself, crime, drugs, gangs etc…. are all from the economic environment, it isn't racial. Fuck Liberalism.

Theprfesssor says:

Well I might actually go to Starbucks since it's free

Becca L.M. says:

Fuck Niggers!

BlazingSkrub says:

Starbucks is a joke.

D Farr says:

Also Cenk Uygur looks like a greasy bastard.

D Farr says:

Love this dude.

Life & Life more Abundantly says:

This starbucks needs to be banned either way. They use some kind of nephilim on their cups. No good.

GGame says:

Ahaha… Get your free coffee reparations!!

Argyle McGoogin says:

I'll bet that poor barista got fired for mouthing the word fuck, and the price of the coffee was docked from her next pay cheque.

Xond Xonderson says:

Starbucks reparations voucher!!!

Trina Love says:

Dumb white girl

rfahy72 says:

Lol, That girl really moved fast to get him that free coffee!

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