Prince may have unknowingly taken counterfeit medication laced with Fentanyl: Authori

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They declined to file criminal charges, saying they don’t know how he got those drugs.


AMH Current Events says:

If prince had no cell phone, I hardly doubt he was careless to overdose. THEY KILLED HIM!

ButterBwoi 13 says:

This was a hit. Not an accident.

Ethereal Purplelight says:

Ethereal Purplelight says:

Prince, was a singer, song write, dancer, poet, and a — Highly intelligent person-–. He was NOT a Fentanyl addict., nor is he a poster boy, for this problem. The video, of him coming in and out of the medical center, shows a man in total control, of himself. To "reduce" a — Beethoven, of MODERN Music—- to that— shows a complete lack of respect for the truth. The counterfeit medication, were given to him by someone. Is it not strange to you that artists that "go to their doctor", end up dead ? Why does that only happen in the U.S .A ?

Ethereal Purplelight says:

He took the elevator –the door should of opened— after he pressed the button, so he could get out of the elevator, and get help if he needed it. The fact that the door did not open, might mean he was stuck inside the elevator. So someone may have tampered with that elevator, after knowing he was taking counterfeit, medication.

Holly says:

Does this not piss people off? It does me! Why aren't people demanding justice for Prince???? Someone knows where he got this fake vicodin laced with fentanyl and it was clearly an intentional act on the persons part to make Prince addicted to them and make him want more and more ….he didn't go anywhere by himself so why the hell are they not speaking up? This is not right….some asshole is getting away with murder and investigators are calling it accidental overdose when it's not. WHY???? At least rule it manslaughter or something besides making him look like a druggie when he wasn't. He was always very conscience of his health and very careful as to what he put in his system…..hell the dude barely aged over the years…..druggies age faster than anyone. He simply took pain meds for his hips….that doesn't make him a drug addict. This seriously makes me furious! Who ever the spineless person is who is not speaking out….you have blood on your hands right along with the person who gave them to him and hopefully you both will pay for it at some point. I'm furious!!!!!

Jebbie says:

What's the purpose of telling the world about the bag labeled 'opium' that was found? Prince was a good person and one of the very few celebrities who never fell victim to drug or alcohol abuse and it's been proven that his death was through no fault of his own and not from knowingly taking too much pain medication resulting in overdose. To release that info was useless, it was an attempt to sully his reputation and it was just plain tacky.

Uchiba Uki says:

Ban fentanyl please it's killing people !

N G says:

ABC is funded in whole or in part by Disney.

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Diane Hughes says:

Even though they're saying Prince "unknowingly" took pain meds laced with Fetanyl, they're still not going to search for the person who was responsible? That is just so sad and unthinkable! Just like Michael Jackson, Prince was murdered. So, take that, all the filthy tabloids who tried to convince people that Prince died from AIDS! Michael Jackson tried to educate ppl about the lies tabloids publish; yet even now these trash papers still manage to tarnish people's reputation because some people are just blinded by the media and believe whatever lie is typed up and accompanied by either a photo or some unsubstantiated lie!

kskufan says:

prob got THOSE PILLS from Dr CONRAD MURRAY !!!

Katze Shiva says:

First prince now lil peep, wake up murica, pharma lobby killing u

Carroll says:

Counterfeit Medication from The Pharmacy at that? ISMH ;-(

Mechelle Rene says:

Aka, poisoned

Ciera Howell says:

They should have used better pronunciation on this because “bag and coat” sounded a lot like “bag of coc” just saying

Patti Fischer says:

He was a genius in his own right . I live in Saint Paul MN and I am sick of the media dragging his name through the mud.

Garry Talley says:

So many great stars that get into drugs supposedly to drown their pains. I feel sorry for them all but the fact is a lot of famous people are drug addicts always with some excuse, but never bright enough to keep themselves from dying from an overdose. Drugs kill period. We have idiots now legalizing proven gateway drugs just for money. No thought as to how many more people will die because of their greed. Too many people are easily addicted to about anything they get into. Drugs are more addictive than cigarettes. Too many people don't take any of this stuff serious. I really loved the movie Purple Rain and it pretty much showed what alcohol can do for you but most other drugs are even worse. Drugs kill, illegal or legally prescribed just the same.

Y Hideit says:

GTFOH ! So now they want us to believe it was bootleg medication…? These motofokos think people are so stupid.

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