“TRUMP DID NOTHING WRONG” Sarah Sanders SLAMS reporter over Michael Cohen “Flipping”

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“TRUMP DID NOTHING WRONG” Sarah Sanders SLAMS reporter over Michael Cohen “Flipping”

today during the white house press briefing 4/23/2018 Sarah Huckabee Sanders answered questions about President Trump, president Donald Trump has been under heat for nominating mike pompeo and also about his lawyer michael cohen

this is breaking news and latest news in politics news and political news this is also usa news and us news from usa america white house press conference

press secretary sarah sanders answered questions in current events and world news in today news and news today during the white house briefing

original air date: 4/23/2018


Markus Daxamouli says:

Pretentious little mouthed prick. These reporters are embarassing. I think they should slim down these breifings to either Potus youtube address, or bi weekly..Mon and Friday..limmit their chances to questions that have little to do with News and more to do with Rumor. Then again CNN will keep throwing pathetic Acosta out there to get slammed by Sarah

Donald Castleberry says:

why do they let these 12 year old parasites in the room ??

lwgsl says:

Trump says Cohen may flip. The President—not a reporter, and not a Democrat. What does that mean? I see two possibilities:
1. Trump knows he did (or may have done) something illegal.
2. Trump is worried that prosecutors will pressure Cohen to make false allegations of criminal behavior.
What else can you add to explain Trump’s concern about the risk of Cohen flipping?

jimmy matho says:

So sad journalism is dead.
We have the equivalent to a room full of the village idiots from all across America.
You only get in that room if you are intellectually helpless and will follow the group think.

jimmy matho says:

The filthy trash in the press room disgusts me so much.
They are so vapid and obtuse.
They have severe confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance.
They literally live in a bubble of liberal lunacy.

Jeff Tucker says:

They're all a bunch of sore loser Hillary Clinton butt fuckers. Trump is the man. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

davids11131113 says:

'Cohen gonna flip on Trump, to get out of trouble?'….fucks sakes when will these morons realize they don't even have Trump with insufficient postage on a letter! You've got nuffin stupid liberals.

Hazel Mani says:

Can we get intelligent reporters..please..

yukonjeffimagery says:

It is amazing how douche our liberal owned media has become.

Cesar Araujo says:

Can you explain your face sarah? Ahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha like wtf?

Stormcrow says:

If you lock your doors to your homes, cars, safes, etc and use passwords, and you are against a border wall and veting, you are a hypocrite. If you believe in a open door policy, practice what you preach, open up a B&B and let the illegal immigrants and refugees into your homes.

J S says:

how much you want to bet that Sarah h is job hunting right now.

Sandra Bell says:

Amicus, great report. Don't know how I missed you. I'm so sick of these no count, liberal retarded, reporters and their never ending horseshit. Thanks fo allowing me that minute time. Be blessed in your endeavors.

Fake Name says:

I unsubscribed. You're too trailer park for me

Pete Smith says:

Who are these idiots??????????????????????

Norman Alvarez says:

These idiots don't learn not to mess with Sarah!!!

Alasdair Vann says:

What a f..dork!

Les Brown says:

When are going to build a wall between Canada and the US?
We will supply the lumber.

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