What The Heck Is Going On In Yellowstone?

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James Noonan says:

This was an entity of a bio-luminescent nature.

X Hale says:

helicopter , you can see the smoke to mark where it needs to be

Michael Duffer says:

Grizzly attack. Hellicopter search light. There are other things going on in the background though.

Cyrano De Bergerac says:

Does anyone know if this guy is for real? is this is another Alex J sensationalist? if so contact me. I have very important information. regards

jim oberg says:

What was the exact time and direction? There was a missile test in California that night.

Mike Kemper says:

Never trust the. Camera. Or this govt.

lukevj says:

For once, I have no theory, other than it being a completely illuminated object… crazy stuff

Justin Case says:

FallenOne ascending out of the Bowels of the Earth

Ed Frazier says:

Kind of looks like a helicopter coming over the horizon with a spotlight on if you've ever seen or been spotlighted by helicopter that's what it looks like

jeb Brewster says:

I heard it was rocket man on his rocket trying to EMP our asses.

Greg Zzzz says:


beatleskris says:

Since there was a body found there….whatever happened had to do with that….not with the volcano itself.

Psychosious says:

It's a helicopter with a search light…

paul norris says:

Its a search light on a helicopter…

ytor qwerty says:

some kind of ufo drone? made by aliens or humans to confuse other humans?

David Phipps says:

Rev chapter 9 verse 2-3

Bill Baggins says:

Looks like a helicopter on a camera that takes a still shot every so many seconds then puts em all together in a video. You can see the smoke looks like some sort of time lapse in video

damsilrescuer says:

This applies to Wyoming as well: "People of Colorado Prepare to Defend Yourselves…The UN’s EMP Proof Communications Equipment is Showing Up In Aurora, Colorado…when Obama allowed the Russians and the Chinese to participate in the EMP prep drills calls Grid EX, he gave our enemies the know how on to simulate an EMP attack and take down the Grid…obama committed absolute treason by letting the Russians and the Chinese on the inside. Former UN Official Confirms UN to Shut Down Access to Some Mountain Roads in No. Colorado The intel soure that provided the UN EMP proof communications equipment has a relative who one had a high position in the UN…the UN is preparing to shut down key roads in the No. Colorado mountains…Deagle is a CIA front research group that is projecting that America will not only lose WW III, but lose it badly. The country will be decimated and our enemies will actually prosper from our defeat…United States of America Population Change 54,326,300 (instead of) 323,990,000 84% Reduction in population…The economy is destroyed, our military is dismantled and we are dead broke and most of us, 90% to be exact, will be dead….."

robert hansen says:

It’s a helicopter.

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