Yellowstone Supervolcano Hotspot Found More Than 1,800 Feet Below Earth’s Surface

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Underneath Yellowstone National Park lies a massive supervolcano and researchers believe they have found the origin of the peak’s heat.

Yellowstone’s hotspot is situated within our planet’s mantle, and scientists believe it is part of a surge of atypically hot rock known as a mantle plume, according to a recent study. They are thought to begin some 1,850 miles below Earth’s surface at the boundary separating the mantle from the core.

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Hope Howard says:

I went through Mt. ST. HELENS I saw it erupt when I lived in Edmonds, WA. You better have a Volkswagen oil cooled car.Or you will be walking.

NukaSoda says:

Need relationship with Jesus

Walter Foster says:

Just embrace the horror. Get right with Christ. The Common person is not going to be able to outrun this. So except Jesus Christ as your Savior while you still can.

Edana Schmidt says:

Um, Dahboo .. miles or feet? Headline says feet you just said miles. So which is it please?

Ross Tapp says:

Call BP to drill a hole in it

Pat Patton says:

it'll go poof and Nothing more.. saying it's gonna be Nuclear huge is just BS..

Wayward Crow says:

Dahboo it's 1800 miles not feet man.

WALT. E. KURTZ says:

1800 feet is nothing, critical anyway…

Dawn Mist says:

Didnt they say that they were going to pump water in it.. they might make it erupt on purpose.. to cause the power go out, then implement Martial Law..then New World Order..or to depopulate..they keep saying it is going to erupt..but when??

Annes says:

Research seismic tomography…. Seismic tomography is an imaging technique that uses seismic waves generated by earthquakes or explosions to create two and three dimensional images of Earth's interior. …" To determine how features seen at Earth’s surface correlate with structural and compositional differences deep within the planet, seismologists need denser networks of seismic stations so that they are recording seismic waves that propagate through finer and finer slices of the earth beneath them. It’s important to understand that tomographic techniques give a very coarse look at the subsurface". source:

LA says:

Jesus is the only escape plan! God Bless us all! He is coming soon! The rapture is coming but disastrous things are going to happen first—Jesus will shake the whole world to wake people up to get them to turn to Him before it’s too late. Prepare spiritually and physically. Give your life to Jesus, stay repentant, walk in His ways, staying in the Word, and close to Him in relationship. If you’re left behind for the 7-year tribulation, give your life to/live for Jesus til the last breath, even if you have to die for rejecting the RFID chip, aka the mark of the beast—don’t accept the mark of the beast, which will become required in your hand or forehead or you’re eternally damned to hell.

Steven Harvey says:

they can run but they cant hide

Bob Barker says:

I love how I only get half your videos on my feed.

semal einnih says:

3 super volcanos. one in gulf of Mexico. one in southern Cali. and yellow stone

kd0dxn says:

For kun nogle måneder siden sagde forskere, at Yellowstone ikke ville være en big deal, hvis den brød ud. Endnu engang ved fagfolk ikke, hvad de taler om.

johnny 5 says:

Your dark humor has me chuckling. Lol.

Matthew W says:

Heads up. YouTube unsubscribed me from your channel. 2nd YouTube site I've been unsubscribed from this week. Check your subscriptions everyone…

Patrice Calo says:

They act like they don't know. but they do..and correct is a big one. Argentina is not any safer….i was born there they have plenty of volcanoes, now earthquakes, and also the shift of the axis is eminent. Argentina is going to be mostly under water.

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