Trump-Hating New York Judge Makes INSANE Ruling on MAGA Hats That will make You Furious

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FOX News reports, A Manhattan judge ruled Wednesday that kicking a Trump supporter out of a bar does not violate the law — because the law does not protect against political discrimination.

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DEploribus Unum says:

Time to work for a law against political discrimination.
I didn't know that gay cake thing went through. I wonder if a Muzz bakery will have to make them too?

mz pat in texas says:

: The man claimed it was his religion while wearing the MAGA hat, and that the pub ordered him out because of his religion believes. When asked by judge how many was a member of his religion, it was admitted one, himself. I’m surprised that an attorney took this case.

Homefront says:

I hope this judge gets a beatdown by one of those crazy NY Libs

Catherine McCandless says:

let me see they dont want this country to be great, why they have a business in this special country, i hope he sues them, bad people in there.

Dave Bounty says:

There’s a judge that needs an ass beaten. There is a bar that needs to be burned to the ground.

Daniel Kays says:

If the guy says that he worships the elephant would it then be religious discrimination?

not yrbsns says:

How about Maga hats all over New York including the statue of illegals, oops i mean liberty.

Darrell Brock says:

Greg Gutfeld on the five said the guy went in and had 17 drinks and started getting loud is why he got kicked out. If that's true, I would have kicked him out too.

dennis garcia says:

Screw all these liberal judges!

pagodagold says:

If America is NOT mystery Babylon. We sure do come in second place..

pagodagold says:

If me wear make America bad again can we wear that?? Need to purge these idiots in "high" place's..our fight is not against flesh and bone but against?

James Smallwood says:

Ahhhh if thats the case then conservatives can kick out and deny services to openly liberal and democratic people as well as sjws under the same basis!

Turn about is fair play!

Donny Klaehn says:


Crown the Raven 13 says:

Sounds like something an idiot would say.

BeardedBarley1 says:

His wearing that hat with those words written on it IS protected. It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH under the First Amendment of the the Constitution's PERMANENT Bill of Rights. It's amazing to me that his lawyer let that judge get away with that garbage without making a big stink about Freedom of Speech, just like the left does to the point of saying that putting a Christian cross in a pail of urine is said to be an "expression" of Freedom of Speech, though no words are used, which is absolutely political and and anti Freedom of Religion yet protected…though the guy can't wear a hat with blatant SPEECH on it that is NOT profanity (though the "artwork" was profanity) into an establishment of business? I think the legal community is either getting more stupid and dropping mass amounts of IQ points by the minute or its been bought off by the globalists.

terry Roe says:

the judge another liberal hack loser……..needs to be physically removed from his seat…..then have it kicked

Dadtron09 Tron says:

The judge lies.

Tracie conte says:

You tell them Gary..we love you ❤️

Double Cherry says:

TREASON, TREASON, this judge is guilty of Treason. Judge violating others Constitutional Rights for your political agenda is Treason. This is a Freedom of Speech issue idiot.

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