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So the secret society of freemasonry is a society mainly designed for men were on the bottom levels the society participates in charity work in the community however Satan works in societies were he makes the organisation out to be glamorous however the devil deceives people and only tells you what you want to here. I am here to tell the truth about the devil and i am honoured to share my knowledge to you. I am glad i stayed away from freemasonry and never participated in Satanic practices and i feel great to be free .

Live your own life and be yourself and by not signing blood oaths you are a free person and you don’t have to commit yourself to this secret society . And remember there is no free lunch in Freemasonry you have to worship what the organisation wants you to worship. If you like the topics that i am doing the voice over let me know in the comments and hit the like button if you like the video.

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