Let’s make History!

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Let’s make History!

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AmandathePandaBooks says:

You on a prop plane??? The sound…..

Loksmere Boolooki says:

They are doing this. She’s perfectly healthy. So sad.

Loksmere Boolooki says:

You “THANKED” AI. See. You’re already inits throes.

Harris Anne says:

I was worried about the flight too. Delta "spontaneously combusts" rather often…… Like the microwaved homes in California. STAY AWAKE!

Christopher Kent says:

Gary: You are like a Paul Revere for all type of news. The truth might be report to the people of this nation.

Lifter015 says:

" I have a Chair, I have a Chair, wow-whoe-wow" ( :

annaj banana says:

I watch your channel every day from Canada for the Truth about what is happening in the world…..More people leave the Propaganda BS of the MSM everyday and seek out Alternative news sources for the TRUTH….Give them hell Gary.

Jody J says:

Is that All the Higher that Aircraft is going to Fly? They Will NOT fly over the Sky-Cloaking! I've heard others say they fly real low and you see everything below. Not no Altitude anymore of 35,000 ft.

Jody J says:

What you are Doing is So Very Heart-Warming !! Standing Up For All Of Us, Gary!
My Prayers are with you !! May GOD Bless You !! And I Surely know HE will !!
We all Stand With You … And you Stand Steadfast, Strong … For Our LORD JESUS
What you are doing is RIGHT !! Again? May GOD Bless You and May GOD Bless Every Single One of HIS Children !!

Ronald Cain says:

Sorry dude your killing me with a bunch of nothing.didnt make it half way.

Tom Haflinger says:

If your "getting from point A to point B" montage is 15 minutes long, you didn't edit enough.

Ios 6 says:

Would somebody please tell me what is Gary up to ?????

lance ripplinger says:

Bless you Gary, keep up the great fight!

Bob Probert says:

GO GARY!!!!!!!!!!

Alfred Cisneros says:

Gary i saw the video of u on the jet, and the engine all whacked out and you being sucked out of the window. Thank god you didn't start your diet that day. Lol. Good to see your had a safe flight. I cant lose my favorite news caster. God bless

Karl Zimmer says:

Glad you made it there safely, Gary. Wow, nice room, nice hotel…Trump International. Hope all goes well.

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