SHUT IT DOWN: Nunes Says NO CREDIBLE Evidence to JUSTIFY Ongoing ‘Russia Probe’

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The Patriot Beat reports, After over a year of intense investigation with no shred of collusion evidence, and wasting millions in taxpayer dollars, why on earth are we still entertaining this sham of a witch-hunt?

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Ron Gruber says:

Glad to see things are going well for you Gary why is it when Trump rented space in Trump Tower for his headquarters the left went apoplectic but when Hillary Clinton spent a guesstimate at $150,000 renting her own property it doesn't even make headlines in the propaganda machine

Derek Eldridge says:

Kim just cancelled the meeting.

Derek Eldridge says:

We don't know what evidence Mueller has.  There is so much evidence in the media currently that we could prosecute now.

Tracy Goad says:

Thank you Nunes!! Shut it down!

Jim legacy says:

Gary you need to get a windsock for your microphone!!

Michael Pratt says:

Hey, wait…. did you see that?! Mueller, up their on the 3rd floor FABRICATING EVIDENCE with, yep it is her…. Hillary "Headboard Banger Herself" Clinton hiding under Mueller's desk. Shame, shame, shame absolutely no shame for the evil doers in their enemy layer.

Theresa Armatino says:

Gary ty for telling everyone the truth! God bless you!

Robert Kubrick says:

Truth, they will not stop until they are stopped cold. The sooner the better!

Jack Keller says:

Robert Mueller pure evidence of stupidity in Washington DC wasting of American tax dollars down the drain

knowone outFORlunch says:

This stuff is nuts I'm glad to hear what you're saying about it but it's really cost the American people hundreds of billions of dollars if you count how much of the Mind's Eye of the people it has kept captive all of this time that's hundreds of billions of dollars that can't be properly tracked and you're saying hundreds of Millions on top of that it's just f**** Ludacris How is it that there are this many adults in government and yet it's more corrupt then pretty well any City I've ever lived in when I go across the tracks looking to get in trouble there isn't as much trouble there as what there is in politics that I see everyday need to grow up out of the business that the adults are supposed to be in

Pondering Human says:

Everything done to cover Cliton B HO(don't you like the way that looks?!) Mule(r) has his orders from Deep State to take down the Trump administration. The Cliton/B HO cabal continues operations!!!

James Crome says:

The democrats think everyone is a stupid as thy are

Manny Unez says:

No wait, don't shut it down just yet. It's only becoming interesting now that the Mule has exposed his own collusion with Russia. Let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Bob Johnson says:

As Long As We Have Jeff Sessions, We Have No Justice. Why Does Mueller Continue His Witch Hunt? There Ain't Nothing To Stop Him! Depressing, Isn't It. We Need An Act Of God.

gr82bfreenjesus love says:

As I have said before they are not fighting against President Trump they're fighting against God. That's why President Trump keeps winning because if God before President Trump then who can be against him?

George Fonda says:


hillberg100 says:

Enjoy the show, Hope they bring back public hangings –  Obama & Hillary as a double header !

donna gilligan says:

Gary your awesome!!

Brett Jolly says:

because this is all they got and when it's over they go to jail so drag drag drag they will

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