Tariq Nasheed Should Never Debate!!!! (ALL L’s Taken)

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Im on a Mission to tell the truth, noone is speaking!


DaRunningMan says:

This video needs way more views. What you said I have been thinking for a while. Tariq Nasheed cannot debate to save his life. He has lost damn near every debate he has ever entered. Watch him debate Tucker Carlson who is a fucking featherweight in the Conservative movement. Tariq could barely handle him.

Tariq is used to being a bully. When things don't go his way he just attacks people with petty insults like if he was still in high school. When you take that away from him he just crumbles. The debate with Jared Taylor went exactly like I thought it was going to go with Tariq fucking embarrassing himself so much that one would think that he was paid to go on that debate to make Black people look bad. In fact, I read through the comment section of Baked Alaska (the alt-right asshole who "moderated" the debate) and the white supremacists in that comment section literally were saying things like that Tariq seemed to want to go in that debate only to prove every single stereotype they had about Black people. Hell, if you watch that debate you'll notice that Jared Taylor didn't even break a sweat. Him and Baked Alaska were basically laughing at him for the entire debate while Tariq was babbling like a moron and never being able to back up what he was saying. That debate should've erased any doubt that Tariq is a fraud in every way but his sheep following still worships him which just lets you know how stupid his fanbase is. Tariq is not a threat to white supremacy whatsoever but his dumb fanbase thinks that they are an army that will save Black people. How the fuck are they going to save Black people when their idol is being laughed at to his face in a simple debate and they are so naive that they can't even see that? White supremacists don't take that fool seriously at all. Tariq only cares about himself and making money off this Hotep shit. No actual self-respecting public figure who is serious about bringing down white supremacy would dare enter a public debate without knowing full well that they are prepared because they would know that they are also representing a whole community. And what did that shameless Hotep Hustler do after he lost against Jared Taylor? He came out with that cornball music video that his sheeple family ate up which only made Tariq's wallet fatter. More proof that he only cares about himself and getting rich.

If you want to see someone actually beat Jared Taylor in a debate, listen to the debate that Tim Wise did against him. Tariq Nasheed likes to talk a lot a shit about Tim Wise, but Tim Wise unlike Tariq actually beat Jared Taylor on his racist bullshit in a debate about 10 years ago. It's on here on youtube. Just search for it.

IAmTheBigDogOfThisYard says:

Tariq is a fraud.

jimmy says:

nice video lol

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