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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding ceremony has just wrapped up at St George’s Chapel in the UK.

They are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Al Jazeera’s Emma Hayward reports from Windsor.

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Pro Human says:

Modern parasitic slaves rejoicing.

dagdagdag says:

Welcome to The Family of the zionism tribe.

Aladdin Loves Jasmin says:

she is a black from usa

David Pattemore says:

Mixed race american wife to ensure James Hewitts son never becomes king

David Pattemore says:

A good sniper rifle and an elevated position,wapppppp wapppppp parasites removed

David Frison says:

I thought that was hilarious when I heard Putin gets creeped out by the queen lol if you look at the way she curls her hair.. it looks like she can attach horns to the curls on either side

David Frison says:

When you see the Duke and the queen.. you start to see the possibility of the reptile claim lmao

Faisal Amin says:

Who thought that, a British prince would marry a half black woman. King Richard is rolling in his grave.

Dong Wang Kong says:

Each child will bear the mark of the beast first Rasta you will find the number 6 on his forehead under his Ginger dreadlocks Rasta 2 will carry the mark his name will be Adolf 3rd child will be called Merkel she also will carry the mark totalling six hundred and 66 / Piece but its not coming /

Gacal Haji says:

Some guy is working full shifts paying for this wedding

Kahina Salm says:

أميرة. ديا نا حاضرة

Trevor AngELo StryderZ says:

Ptffff, they denied the bride mother to walk her daughter on the isle. It's a good thing though. Her father doesn't want to walk her daughter. Her mother shouldn't too. Probably her mother pressure her husband so she can be the STAR of the day(publicity), but the Royal family denies it.

Itachi Uchiha says:

I hate this couple

Ciara ooh says:

So bizarre big to do for a wedding??? Who cares! Lol

Best Korea says:

Another drain on hard working English man's money

Xavier Fuller says:

The Reptiles now have a fresh womb to spawn their hatchlings. This poor girl does not know what she is in for.

David Frison says:

They put their pants on one leg at a time like I do..lol self explanatory.. what defines royalty..the only royalty I believe in is Royale toilet paper

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