Tucker Carlson & Kim Strassel Destroy Lies & Spies Of The Deep Dark State

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Ronald a.g van G P says:

This is the normal behaviour from the Intell Agency's when they are compromised the Russian gets to blame

Ronald a.g van G P says:

TODAY SATURDAY 5-19-2018 it became clear enough for the AMERICAN PEOPLE to realise what these INTELL AGENCY'S with Clapper, Brennan and Comey did against the interests of the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES. Before i will explain what is really going on in the UNITED STATES that there is a great danger to stuck in their pitfall which they setup for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. That PITFALL is to think that what is going on here in the VS has something to do with a certain political party , a perticular movement or what color or narrative you have or if you have black , blond hair or simply be bold. No this has nothing to do with this all. Because it is a criminal organisation which posess all diffrent kind of entity's or just play a role for their corrupt system.
The last 20 months the MSM and their ANCHORS worked for this organisation in a destructable way to confront the AMERICAN PEOPLE with a chain of events which had only ONE purpose to DIVIDE the people of the UNITED STATES into their SOULS. This criminal organisation is also known as the DEEP STATE. This organisation has devolped theirselves over the last 50 years into the most powerfull party which ruled the UNITED STATES.
Nowhere in the whole world you will find a country which has 17 Intelligence Agency's, my question is , if all these 17 Agency's were really needed. Well their budget and personal are enormous. Now this organisation is ruling over America and the President is their corperate puppet, in the case they are not under their control, they wiil remove him from his position to replace him which is part of the criminal organisation. In the case with Trump they failed to stop him before the elections and he is a real threat for their organisation. You remember what Trump one of his first actions was , well that was to release the JFK file this was no coinsedience this was to let them now that he knows.Trump was the worst thinkable person to become President which is honest, not to bribe and a real patriot who has the interest of the American people and THE United States to be his first priority.
His priority to make America great again is what his truly motiv is to serve the American people. What this organisation has done against the interests of the American people is so big that they ate fighting now as lunetics for their own excistance and this contains also the MSM and their ANCHORS which are a direct extention for this criminal organisation .
Be aware that it seemes to be that there are more democrats then republicans taking part in this corrupt system, but notice many are hide within the Government and States spreaded over the whole country. Their background could be anything, but their goal is the same, to rule over the American system. They all rigged the system to create exaggerated budgets and many other scams to gather money for their own corrupt system. My finding is that the 1.7 billion cash in untraceable money never was paid to IRAN , the missing of 6 billion in the Hillary budget, the Uranium one deal, the IRS Scandal , the hole in the budget of the pentagon to ment a few of these scams. Because MONEY is the most important ingredient were their system is built on , the ones they needed on a perticular key position and are not to bribe they will convince with the use off a other tool which could be easily murder aswell, when they have to. Remember JFK, his brothers and finally his son.
Trump had the courage and the guts to make this his obligation to do this for the American people, to make America great again. All these partioners in this criminal organisation you can also recognise your self, these political entity's will always vote against the interests of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, no matter what bill this will be or appointee of the President this may be. Notice that when they all agree this could be suspicious aswell. Be aware and think with commom sense and not with the created which MSM has forced you into. They are the greatest danger for the American society with their dividing tactics in their deceiving way of bringing news. Thats why are these ANCHORS also must be held to held accountable for this treason of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. They are a direct extension for the Deep State. This dividing and deceiving of people is the most important task for their participation.
I will end with a statement of somebody which already was said in 1864. This statement is as follows :
" the few who could understand the system will either be so interested it its profits, or so dependant of his favours, that there will be not any opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable off comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps even suspecting that the system is inimical to their
interests "
When you want more to know what i told here then look for your self who actual gave this statement which stands for the base of our WORLD problems.
So THE AMERICAN PEOPLE has to wake up and must become ONE again. Do not let you fool you any longer and have trust in this President .BE AWARE , he put his life at risk on a daily base for the American people.
My look is less beinfluence by the American media, myself live in the Netherlands and studied the last year both sides of the aisle.
I have not any political background but became intrigued by the hostile behaviour against a President . Now i looked into all the comittee hearings , I looked into several FISA court documents allthough they are redacted i found a stunning fact, I looked also into many gov docs to come to this unbiased conclusion. Notice There is still a whole lot more which is not said yet.

Rulya Farley says:

If it's ok to spy on Trump then why isn't it good to spy on Hillary? It's only good when it's spying on a Republican candidate, obviously.

Rulya Farley says:

Dems think it's good to spy on only Republicans. When it comes to them, ignore or excuse everything they do including rape, birth certificates, deaths & over 30,000 nefarious emails.

Joanie Cummings says:

Mark Levin said it best. As soon as Mueller gives his report to the DOJ the President can use his executive power to instruct one of his AG that he can trust to investigate this abuse of power and spying that was used during the 2016 and let the chips fall where they may. Piss on sessions.

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