BREAKING: FBI Admits They Were Illegally Spying On The Trump Campaign Under Obama Orders

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Alex Jones breaks down how the FBI and mainstream media have worked together since before Trump became President to bury the truth about Obama’s illegal wire tap used against Republicans.

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Tyler Beckett says:

Vote for trump 2020

Jacob Martin says:

Obama is toast!!!!

Brad Wesley says:

Obama was elected because of white guilt. He will go down as the worst president in History. Obama should be in prison for crimes against Americans.

Denae Reath says:

What about Flynn’s involvement with ACU Strategic Partners and IP3/IronBridge to build nuclear power plants all over the Middle East and eventually China. He hid this as well. And it was long before he was involved in the Trump campaign. Was he also a plant? Hate to say it but it’s beginning to look like it. McCabe gets him on a bogus charge to shut him up.

agweterndg says:

Trump needs to completely remove the FBI. It's nothing but a strong arm for the globalist bankers. Remember what happened to the last man that tried to remove the FBI, he got shot in the fucking head, poor Mr.Kennedy.

NowisEvollovetion says:

Obama is a CLOWN.

dan beach says:

Get control of your self. That's why folks can't stand you. Try another approached A

NowisEvollovetion says:

Let’s see the truth about 9/11 revealed. Let the real culprits hang.

Jezza W says:

A Kenyan President spying on his campaign and as President elect then as duly elected President this is an outrage

Jezza W says:

Treason against our President and American People this can't be allowed in America they must be tried and hanged

MrHigherplane says:

If they were going to kill him, why isnt he dead? Why isnt hillary locked up? Stop spreading propaganda lol.

Kno Name777 says:

All this info has been public for a while. All evidence points back to the investigators (DOJ/FBI/CIA). Problem is who's going to investigate the investigators? who watches the Watchmen?

ThatGuyScott says:

Obama is such a POS

Ewl1908 says:

Fire Jeff sessions get someone that's going to do their job

Nicholas Tyler says:

Sounds like Ben Shapiro is a deep state agent

United we stand divided we fall says:

We need to investigate and properly charge these dirtbags and fully enforce capital punishment!!

Troy Thomas says:

You had me at "Ding dong the witch is dead" lmao

justin jones says:

he was talkin that foggy bottom boy bullshit like those are the only dudes who can pop down to the wally world and get something

Snuggles909 says:

I want to see some people going to jail then I'll believe

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