Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Next Infowarrior : 2018 Reporter Contest / Recruitment Drive

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For official contest rules and recruitment drive guidelines go to:

20K First Place
5K 2nd Place
1K 3rd Place

Contest is open from May 21st 2018 to July 4th 2018
Winners will be announced mid July.

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BRC Vlogs says:

what if u have no experience

Jotaro Kujo tbh says:

I would love to work for infowars. Only 16 :c

king lion says:

I'm a Chinese and i want to be reporter in info wars
you can use me to attack China 🙂

kelvinbernal says:

I would love to work at iNFOWARS!!!!! ill put the truth to the spanish comunity ears!!! Spanish people need the real news!!!!

the day is nigh says:

Apprentice style you should do a TV show

SteelbeastsCavalry says:

Did we lose Millie????

Chretze says:

Only if I get to call out Israel!

Devon Rodriguez says:

Milo has to work somewhere

Leonard Wong says:

Bet I do. need to be an American citizen first or else I'll be victimized where I am.

Kelly Martin says:

U need more people than that

Unmasking Fools says:

You Should Hire CHRISTIAN PRINCE on Islam & Middle East
Big Expert & Streams videos for 8 hours+ non-stop

The Isz says:

If you recruit in Canada, let me know. I'll work for free as fighting tyranny is its own reward. I bet I could do more with better resources to do so.

the_hydra92 says:

I wpuld love to work for infowars

Sam La Rook says:

i'd love to see kevin's corner working with infowars, go approach him alex

Jewelry Bag says:

Translated: We're looking to gather the most committed racists, Islamophobes and white supremacists to also shill for Zionism and the NRA. This is who Alex is looking for to be honest.

Naaman River says:

Too many Infowarriors not enough Infomothers

Avon Barksdale says:

What’s the job pay????????

biesoid says:

Do you have what it takes to advertise supplements that in best case won't harm you? Do you have what it takes to shill for Israel? Do you have what it takes to explain goys why Iran has no right to have nuclear weapons like Pakistan, India or Israel? Do you have what it takes to explain that rising government spending while cutting taxes is good for the economy? Do you have what it takes to tell goys that same fake unemployment rate and jobs created numbers are now not fake? Do you have what it takes to say how great tariffs are for american economy after years of praising "free market"? Do you have what it takes to blame China for dollar printing and destroying jobs in america by rising taxation and regulations and fighting work ethos since 1960s? It's not easy to be an infowarrior.

Sa C says:

We the People are with you Alex – America First

KnifeCatcher says:


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