To Tell The Truth (1973): The Beef Stroganoff Episode

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Here is a 1973 episode of To Tell The Truth.

This episode features one of the most well known incidents the show has ever had, as we begin with the panel trying to identify a person who makes meals on the cheap. Who made the now-classic stroganoff? No copyright infringement is intended.

Panel: Gene Rayburn, Peggy Cass, Bill Cullen, and Kitty Carlisle.


Nan Fagan says:

I'm surprised that nobody got sick from eating this!

Nan Fagan says:

Was this around the time that horse meat was introduced?

Nan Fagan says:

Dog food? Yuck! It makes me sick!

IAmTheZOOM says:

Wish someone could post the Hot Dog Toaster episode of WML or the time on WML they made omelets.

Michael Boyce says:

Includes a Blooper,just listen to Host Gary Moore for it.

FlavioGirl says:

roflmfao 😀 thank you very much for sharing this 😀

Tunisia Tucker says:

Is this the pre MG73 era or after?

Brian James says:

Had only seen the clip, not the whole ep. Thanks a bunch for the upload, David.

Venom101002 says:

I'm sure Peggy Cass was a nice person, but in watching so many TTTT shows, she was a little rude to the contestants, on more than a few occasions. It was obvious #2 wasn't too happy with her comments in the second game.

Nuno Soares says:

Continue to rest in peace Kitty. Long overdue condolences to the family 🙁

Vahan Nisanian says:

The fun starts at Game 1.

Also, we don't know the exact airdate, because the show was bicycled, as was the norm for Syndication. It could have aired anytime, anywhere.

Scottwilkie18 says:

Omg kitty ate it

ToomuchTV says:

I haven’t seen this one before. Thanks for uploading.

Tubewings says:

If you listen closely while Garry is giving the affidavit, you can hear Peggy call it.

Mitchell Hang says:

First September, and now Beef Stroganoff?

David, you're bringing the best/funniest moments of game shows in their entirety! Kudos!

EDIT: Also, this moment would re-occur on the John O'Hurley version of TTTT.

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