China Warns US and ‘Removes Missile Systems’ After Trump Deploys Two B-52 to South China Sea

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✅ Top Stories Today – Satellite imagery and new analysis from Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat International (ISI), dated June 3, suggested the Chinese surface-to-air missile systems on Woody Island, in the Paracel Islands, may have been removed or relocated, according to a report by CNN. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying accused the US military on Wednesday of “hyping up militarisation and stirring up trouble”, and warned that “China will not be threatened by any military warships”.

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唐孔彬 says:

I’m pretty sure the West Spratly Islands belong to China and some of the south Spratly Islands belong to China and other seven countries. Now that China and other seven countries still fighting against which Islands belong to who. After each county have claim there island then we can figure out which island belong to who. Well I guess dust will settle down and the outlaw ocean can become clam again. No one else have to be greedy about it and try to claim something unfair to other. Because it’s a earth village. The island are belong to there seven countries and how they use it. I guess people just want to be rich now days lolz.

Whistle Blower says:

Maybe India should claim the Indian ocean as theirs !!

chris zabala says:

i think USA is afraid in china because if the USA think that south china sea is a international water why they only talk and talk but no work?

jeff Honra515 says:

Bollocks. China in fact bolstered it's air and sea defense system after the U.S. planes flew thru there. LOL

raven reign says:

fuck china..dont be afraid of this bastards..i hope putin wont ally with this stealers

Jesus Diaz says:

For United States going to war has always been profitable.

Robert Vinarao says:

Someday US will destroy those islands.

cujoe Mblakka says:

Should the US be denied, military access in the high seas shipping lanes? Or turn tail and run, or sail under the guns of the Chinese?
I understand the bold strategic move of the Chinese, to keep other potentially hostile military powers a far distant from their coast, but gobbling up their neighbours, territories and resources, could be very contentious, and a potential irritant for war. Now it is pretty evident to have multiple powers is necessary to balance out the geopolitics. Indian ocean doesn't mean they own the coast of Africa.

Rajeev Kamalasanan says:

Greedy Chinese thieves!

Gangster Caesar says:

Death to China USA said come get some

Naistus Family says:

The world vs U.S.A lol

truthundefeated says:

China- the dreamer, an AUTISTIC hallucinator!!!

Kevin McCue says:

China keeps using this word “sovereignty” which is laughable. China, your sovereignty is within your boarders not outside, go home

dayy logg says:

The naval standoff is basically caused by petroyuan replacing the petrodollar for crude oil trade. Anyway, China will not bend it's knee to the US threat. Once the US dollar ceased to be the reserve currency for international trade and petrodollar for crude oil trade. The military industrial complex will not be sustainable, let alone fighting a war.

Abdul Jakol says:

Chinese commies are spreading lies to the whole world once again. The missiles has been moved inside the warehouse on the same island. Its hidden from the google earth but not on the military satelite.. You dumb ass chipmunks commies.. You can lie but you can not hide.

ttkoh123 says:

I think China made a smart move, in out, in out toy with them. I say they have no balls to wage a war. Just never allow them to build up nearby. Smash them if they puddle up, small puddle can't do anything big. And when the day China or Russia technology edges, US will slump into poverty by itself…. Dead ducks. With that said, avoid war now at all cost.


us and uk and israel and france alliance

Nagalakshmi Saladi says:

China must abide law on SCS to maintain peace. SCS is battle ground at any time ma explode. China activities in SCS is threat to the natios in that regain and to world nations. Democries must stop trading with china and trade among themselves for mutual benefit, don't matter if goods may cost little more.

Ryan Cook says:

You aren't gonna strip America any longer. We wont allow it.

Nature Universe says:

Use love because love is biggest force in the universe

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