Katie Pavlich Explains To Democrat Shill How The iran Deal Was Actually TREASON!

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William Panzarella says:

The ladies took that guy over the coals

Spencer Scott says:

Richard Goldstein is such a puppet of the left. He knows better, but just looks like a stupid person.

Curtis Brown says:

The Gay bald guy is a Typical Delusional Libtard.


i do just love this new word shill, like agreeing with the law and siding with the government is so last year and anyone who sides with the law is a sheeple moron, yes i am so simple minded that your fake word you labelled me with still doesn't influence my opinion. p.s real definition of shill is con mans apprentice in audience not blindly following what the government tells you. yay a new derogatory word to hate people who will not get involved in your inane argument with everything and just trying to get by in the world.

Mike Sellers says:

Just when you think the democratics couldn't get anymore anti-American.We find out their even allowing a country that inpisons and kills us access to billions.

jorge duron says:

Obama is a Muslim he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

IronCross says:


warsane1 says:

Even the people our beloved president put into these positions are treasonous hacks. Sessions unwilling to go after the Awans. The commy bastard Sessions wont even step in when Wasserman's own brother is the states attorney in charge of the case. All the while CNN spouts lie after lie and these fake traitors look right into the camera and act like its any other day and nothing is going on. When will they be hunted down in the streets and made to pay for their vicious violations against our beloved country and our beloved people. When will we no longer stand for this open betrayals???

Mustaffa Beenie says:

I'd come outa retirement just to take part in the Firing Squad of Obama! my boys at FT Sill are etching the name "Barry" on their Bullets as we speak!

Surfer 10 says:

Obama, Kerry, Clinton and the rest of the cronies sold the USA out!!! They lied period. They need to go to jail for a long time.

BradLee Jones says:

Charles Krauthammer, God speed old friend. You will be dearly missed.

tretiger1 says:

Iran have 36 hours notice before inspection. Wonder why lol. Love Trump and his agenda. PS I´m from Norway.


No American would've voted for that POS obama if they'd researched him before his Presidential run.
As a Senator, he was destroying Illinois from the inside. Call it a practice run of destroying America from the inside.

john Thomas says:

OMG, it is clear what goes on. They destroy a country then crash the currency then buy as much as possible of it. Then they start building it up and make trillions. They did this with IRAQ. Look it up. Bush junior signed the process into law. However, ISRAEL are the terrorists, they always have been

Adam Pauley says:

How in the hell did the Obama administration think they could justify giving 1.7 billion in cash to Iran of all countries? If our great President Trump were to do anything remotely close to that the liberals would find a way to boot him out of office immediately. I'm so sick of their bias especially when they're benefiting from all President Trumps policies. I wish there was a way we could stick them with Obama for life! Trump 2020

john Thomas says:

I love that they bring this dickhead out all the time. Doesn't he realise they do it to make a fool of him? He is the court Jester hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaa ROFL. Go on a diet Fatty

gav freeborn says:

My god this guy deserves a dose of reality in the form of a baseball bat around the kneecaps

Ryan The Dog says:

This guy is a complete buffoon no doubt hes a fruitcake as well.

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