Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights!

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Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver goes to the gun range with Kaitlin Bennett to talk woman’s rights and gun rights. Bennett is the Kent State student whose controversial pictures of her open carrying her AR-10 on her college campus went viral.
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Angel says:

Love this so much! Firearms are women's right's.

Vince A. says:

David Hogg is a Hog and a idiot!

hapwn says:

But if women are allowed to carry, I wouldn't be able to Pat them down!

Michael Thomas says:

Great quote from Mr. Colt ….
— " Lincoln might have made everyone free, but I made everyone equal" …..

Anonymous Guy says:

How am i supposed to stalk Millie if she has guns? She will use it on me 🙁

Anonymous Guy says:

If women have guns how will those evil people rob them and rape them?

Az Desert News says:

If I had girls I wish they were like these young women. Love these girls! Keep up he good work.

Ray Shrades says:

Greatest equalizer for women's rights. Awesome video. Real empowerment.

Robert Helring says:

That’s what they do go after the rifle first take that away then come after the handguns we already know it just like the gays they just want to get married now they going after the bakery for not baking a cake the way they want it

Michael Thomas says:

I'm not going to lie …
The picture at 37 seconds is pretty f*cking hot …
David "underdeveloped chin" Hogg

Sojourn Soul says:

Oh my, I bet YouTube HQ hates this video.

United We Stand says:

Samuel Colt said: God made man and woman. Colt made them equal.

Luis Hernandez says:


Manny Pardo says:

Beautiful women? Beautiful guns? Come on, man. This is heaven on earth.

Jed Knight says:

I thought this was one of those things that went without saying, that's why nobody had to say it.

Widdy1 One says:

Love your guns Millie! Keep up the great work!!

Wolfghost729 says:

To anyone that says “you have no right to a rifle, or handgun because those didn’t exist in the 18th century when the second Amendment was written.” , well guess what if that’s true you have no right to post your opinions on social media because the internet didn’t exist during the same time

ThugnificenT says:

Im not american, but god bles america.

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