Their New ‘Evidence’ of Collusion is a Joke 🤡

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Paula Harris Baca says:

Feminists need to follow the sexist adage and marry a good man and then stay barefoot and pregnant. I was a complete Leftist/borderline socialist for YEARS but somehow I was smart enough to finally find a good hard-working man and have a child with same man and use my late parents inheritance to supplement our income so I could afford to be a stay-at-home mom in extremely expensive California (that is back where it was when Mexico ran it in 1840, except we have Silicon Valley and Hollywood. (San Francisco used to be a tourist destination but those days are gone). All these leftist SJWs/feminists are going to be taking antidepressants in droves if they don't start making babies and giving meaning to their lives. I speak from experience. If I could do one thing over again, I would reverse my snotty attitude towards motherhood. Because my mom worked as a divorcee when that was rare, I decided that was a thing to be proud of, and that led to a whole set of behaviors that were extremely self-destructive. BUT once I had a child…I felt like Saul when he became Paul. Wow.

robbie stratton says:

Every video of yours starts out with a creepy pre recorded laugh.

Shaun Biddulph says:

The crisis is not with the real men and women of the world, we know who we are. The crisis is with the odd ball liberal snowflakes, SJW's, and LBGTQWADSXZ…………….. (or whatever they identify as) because they are so f**king confused about the world and who they are they want to mess up normal people's lives. Grow up and get a job, and a life.

Brian Lannoye says:

I actually side with the customer complaints about the Baby Daddy card. It's an affront to all good dads.

supermikeb2000 says:

Yuck! I didn't think it was possible for Beyonce to be any less attractive. Russian roulette has better odds…

Eileene Clark says:

6/19/18…..Dems FORGOT to let wanna-be clowns Kathy Griffin & Joy Beher be on Mark Dice's video.
Just think—2 idiotic red-headed females with a male clown—so THAT would def mean females
are more important than males.

Ch ris says:

I’m trying to watch your videos 1 or 2 days after you upload them in hopes that they are monetized by that time

sp1nd0ct0r says:

I love the cards section at Target

FireDragon00001 says:

Mark as much as I enjoy the entertainment you provide I believe I must point out the bit of misleading / incomplete information that you mentioned towards the end of this video about fatherless shooters and the lack of additional relevant information, such as was there a father or father figure in the formative years or not. Was the father alive or not .if a divorce was involved was the mother putting down the father causing a negative association with men potentially more so if the child is a boy and further distain for men if the child is a girl. These and other factors are not mentioned in most articles I have seen or heard of.

Rustled Angels says:

Lmao mad about stereotyping the black community. It’s just fucking pathetic that THAT many black women have kids out of wedlock. It’s a majority, it’s the norm for most black women. It’s not a stereotype. Mad about the truth instead of mad at all their fellow black women having sex with bum men.

Angsty Lady says:

In a more sane world, that baby woukd be taken away from those mentally confused parebts to help properly raise that baby

My Big Mouth says:

i generally like your videos, but picking on Black women is unnecessary. and counter productive. feeds into why the Left say that Trump emboldens racists…maybe it's true?

J G says:

Can we have our Great Leap Forward or a Cultural Revolution since the left thinks it was a great thing in China.

El rey says:

Apologizing to libtards is never the way.

Steve Laubach says:

That baby daddy card is hilarious.

A lot of comedy comes from hard truths. Sometimes people can't handle the truth but the card is based on legit facts.

Kholke Holkepolke says:

Actually, over 90% of people have herpes. Most, aren't even aware. If you don't have herpes, than you are abnormal.

Steve Hayes says:

If getting dirt on a political opponent from a foreigner, when will the Trump Dossier people be prosecuted?

Ken D says:

After watching Mr. Horowitz testify Mon. and Tue. I think I understand why the DNC is almost broke. They're spending the money to buy off Justice dept. and FBI. How can they say there was no bias.

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