What Kendrick Lamar reveals about the n-word

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Kendrick’s play to publicly tar and feather a fan backfired in a society increasingly skeptical of language policing and manufactured injustice.

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Larvitar Dratini says:

Why the fuck do people care this much. If you're white just don't say it. End of discussion. Holy shit people are difficult.

bryan joiner says:

never heard his music before. never will.

American Restoration Initiative says:

Well, let's be honest: if she just held black culture in absolute contempt, distain and hatred, this never would have happened to her. Hate everything black, or blacks WILL try to destroy you!

Red Pillaging says:

Brings on a white chick knowing full well what will ensue. Major piece of shit.

P STR says:

mob of white kids attacked their own. brainwashed kids.

yourboy jtrades says:

Kendrick is my favorite artist of all time but i personally think that was dumb. We all slip up honestly theres no need to go on a witch hunt for kendricks head. Regardless, still stupid tho

Ryu Cartel says:

I only listen to New Retro Wave. Only.

Ascend with me.

Yikes! says:

Yeah that's true

I hate niggers

Whiteness Protection Program says:

Now I know who Kanye is. I hate how I have to figure out who all the darks are, and why people care about what they say…at all. Anyone who has ever listened to rap(e) music is in favor of White Genocide, at heart.

Fploop says:

That’s why I love schoolboy Q!! He’s so real like Kanye.

Kirk the Cheif says:

or for the worst

Qwerty Plm says:

Rap is for retards.Niggnogs dindumufin.

MuseHijinks says:

Rap is shit

Cole Tiffany says:

What it do mah negress?

cooljay cooljay says:

Kendrick has his faults here and so did that girl onstage. But rewatching that video reminded me of the easily swayed hive mind of dumbass human beings. They were all stupid to me in that vid, kendrick, the girl, and everyone in that concert. Makes me laugh and feel sick simultaneously

Thats Nodildo says:

If it's in a song who fuckin cares. Most if not all people singing along to these songs aren't racist and are just singing. If you don't want people saying the word don't use it in a song.

Jordan the Ginger says:

…but Kendrick never called the fan racist. You're misquoting him.

Flawless Strategy says:

Wow, just when you thought you had seen and heard it all. SJW's and "niggas" completely break all of their previous records in history about how fucking dumb and illogical they can be – how unfair they can be – how shitty they can be – to do this to this poor girl who had zero fucking malice or hate – pieces of shit… Yeah, they never cease to amaze, and it's something fucking new every day. Every day, the shit they do – their irrationality, their lack of logic… it just gets dumber and fucking dumber. Biggest fucking morons in history, I swear.

Mister Fister says:

whyd you put a xxxtentacion pic in there when he just died the same day… not even mentioning his death lel

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