RSBN Interview with MyPillow Inventor Mike Lindell at Trump Rally in Fargo, ND

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Wednesday, June 28, 2018: RSBN reporter Tera Broaddrick interviews MyPillow inventor Mike Lindell at the President Donald Trump rally in Fargo, ND.

RSBN Interview with MyPillow Inventor Mike Lindell at Trump Rally in Fargo, ND

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James Kepley says:

Buying one. We need to support our people and boycott leftist lunatics

N P says:

Love my Pillow!!!!

Hugh Mongous says:

If MyPillow is good enough for the President, then I have to get one!

Paul Chamberlin says:

Thank GOD for Donald J. Trump.

Keith Murphy says:

Even as an atheist, I believe if you downvote Mike Lindell you’re just a garbage human being.


A CEO that stands up, and is unashamed of Jesus Christ…….. now that speaks volumes.

CastleMama says:

Really nice guy, great interview!

Kevin Jackson says:

He's a legend

Virtua Skimmer says:

Well I need a my pillow like yesterday. This is america you can go from smoking crack to talking to the president and being a millionaire from pillows. I love it!

A. Clark says:

He's a great American Patriot and I love his pillows.

carl hassell says:

I have 2 of his large pillows and One small one. Good stuff.

Mitch G says:

Most amazing douche bag !

Him Again says:

Mike is a made in America man, great American success story. If President Trump's presidency helps more people to accomplish success like this then we are doing okay as a nation. We need stories like this where jobs, good economy for all, and good homeland security is the story of the day. I could care less about fake news, doom & gloom, and liberal false news and propaganda hysteria.

Rooster Cogburn says:

Sounded like a free plug to me.

380stroker says:

Hmmm. I might have to try one.

Saori Keller says:

The Walmart by me sells them now!

Unga Bunga says:

I thought I seen where Alec Baldwin was his investor when he started up???

Cupcake66441 says:

Very cool tunes playin' in the background. Led Zeppelin-Ramble On

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