Judicial Watch Reveals the SMOKING GUN That’ll Sink Both McCabe and Hillary

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Top Stories Today –
Judicial Watch Reveals the SMOKING GUN That’ll Sink Both McCabe and Hillary

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► Judicial Watch Reveals the SMOKING GUN That’ll Sink Both McCabe and Hillary :youtu.be/eJmtd-McCpo

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► watch this Report again –

Judicial Watch Reveals the SMOKING GUN That’ll Sink Both McCabe and Hillary :youtu.be/eJmtd-McCpo

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sina mumuta says:

The crooked the bad and the ugly

SAY UNCLE!!! says:

Only the DOJ can open an investigation.

Marge Bramschreiber says:

Thank you Judicial Watch for your continued digging for the facts.

Rudy Rutan says:

[[#■♤■700,000.00 NOT 700.00…]]

Savage Wonder says:

You website is unaccessible

Roger Gertz says:

RAG L.L.C. Museum Of Science, From the Desk of, Mister Roger A. Gertz, March 27, 2018: Oh me oh, my oh, I, OH my President Donald J. Trump, IO. Knowledge Is Power, Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

Agent-86 says:

You should consider using a human being to read the captions lest someone accuses you of being a Russian Bot.

Ken Harvey says:

The McCabe's were paid hush money, it's that simple. 700k for a state race is absurd, again it was hush money.

joshua mitchell says:

Where are the arrests?????????????????????????????????? blah blah blah

PGTMR2 says:

Hillary has more smoking guns than the U.S. fleet… in the Pacific… during WWII. She's not subtle.

JimiSurvivor says:

Jail for the McCabes.

R. Steel says:

We The People should sue THE losing News Media!

Glenn Heiselman says:

Imagine how bad the kids feel knowing their dad is a rat, leaking, liar with absolutely no morals. CPS should remove the children for their moral safety.

Roland Deschain says:

When she's tried and convicted of treason then frog marched to a gallows for morning neck stretching I'll think were getting somewhere. Until then…

logman2012 says:

In my opinion , I think the clintons been using planted elected officier for many years to place people in government positions. (wise try) (Technology uncovered the trail)

These plants owe the clintons for getting them in those positions and use them The funnel money and push their agenda. They would then have the repeat the process resulting in so many beholding to them. This goes many years back and the only way out is death by suicide.

This will not end with the death of HRC or BC. This is a deep rooted High CRIME issue, samiliar to mafia…..It will take at least 6 people to come forward and tell what that know….follow-the-money trail…..

Garry Harris says:

American's that do not Believe that the Democratic Party is totally Criminal, Just Listen to the Amounts of Money that is being thrown around for Bribes, Cover ups. Money donated for all Kind of things Like a Dossier and Moneys contributed to different Government Officials. All this Money that they are Throwing Around is Your Tax Dollars. The Money that is for Contributions Just goes into the Pockets of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is as Crooked as My Dick, Sorry, But One Day you Morons that believe that none of this is True are going to Wake up and Realize that your on Brain has F****D You. I Hope this Happens because if it don't You were and always will be a F*****g Democratic MORON.

D. Faustman says:

You don't hear anything about Bill Clinton. Where is he? GITMO?

alan wilkinson says:

Judicial Watch makes my Day

Marie Saqueton says:

Thank you Judicial Watch for working for all of ua for the good of our country.

Dave Wilson says:

www.libertywarrior.org Please! We need your help.

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