‘Migration Is Not a Fundamental Human Right’ — Breitbart Interviews Hungarian FM Péter Szijjártó

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TheOpenDog says:

Nobody wanted to immigrate to Hungary. It's a poor country where xenophobia is rampant. They didn't cut anything.

Aekula says:

Breath of fresh air!

Equalizer says:

We all know you aren't smart just because you realise letting in Muslims is stupid..I'd say Hungary is just old fashioned normal

Tuna Loco says:

I would vote for this guy. I might even feel I was finally being represented.

Dr Bhokal says:

Huge respect from India. We Hindus were conned by left to get few brownie points that assimilate muslims they are peaceful etc but look their population has exploded. And now they say we will not even sing national anthem as it says we bow down to Mother India as they cannot bow down to anyone except Allah.
We are living in fear. Fake outrage and shaming of people who oppose muslim force.

Pls pls pls europe dont lose yourself by being liberal.

cream pie says:

Hungary is NOT America. Illegals in Hungary can be terrorist cells compared to illegal Mexicans who are migrant workers smuggled by coyotes and drug dealers in some cases. Different situations.

Cool Patience says:

God bess Hungary.

Derek Cliff Crane says:

i love this

Kould B says:

First, well done to Breitbart for giving Mr Szijjártó the respect they would to any statesman in order that he could explain the policies of his nation & the will of his people. For msm flat refuse—in the mistaken belief that their vilification and/or censorship of the truth, will somehow prevent people from finding out the truth. Meanwhile, Hungarians prove yet again, that they're possibly the most genuinely democratic nation on earth. For they not only respect the vote & will of their own people. But are also fierce in their defence of the votes & will of the people of other nations—by absolutely refusing to condemn them for it, eg. the Trump & Brexit votes. Other world leaders would do well to follow their example. For too many, have strayed too far from their mandated authority, legal responsibilities & moral obligations to their own. God bless Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia & their allies. Antemurale Christianitatis!

Alex Endr says:

Barbara Palvin is the only good thing to come out of Hungary.

Kamina 1703 says:

I was watching excerpts of the BBC interview….the SJW Bimbo interviewer couldn't catch him out with her lefty accusatory questions on the rights of unvetted the illegal economic immigrants…. sorry, the rights of political asylum seeking refugees, when that didn't get results, she then doubled down and then started talking over him as he calmly answered her allegations before she went full Leftard shrill in his face… I was waiting for him to calmly reach down off camera to retrieve a box of popcorn and start munching away.

Rebecca Dahl says:

BUILD THE WALL!!! Consult Hungary, Poland and Israel! They know border control that works! 🙂

Dane smith says:

Trump is trying to do this now. Our own people in the USA are preventing this.

TubeTheWorld says:

I can barely watch politicians like this, just because I’m so frickin’ jealous. UK will probably never have a government with a spine like this 🙁

Julie Roop says:

Saying migration is a fundamental human right is the same as saying invasion of a country is a fundamental human right. Globalists would love to convince us it is so.

Silver Collector says:

Eastern Europe will be free from Islamic terrorism all the while Western Europe will be attack daily as they are now

Wess says:

8:36 The debates will not be more unbalanced, they will be more balanced in the favor of the EU, the British were forced out of the EU with rhetoric, they were one of the only strong voices against the authoritarian movement, it was a calculated effort, the EU thought they could then use the lords and those already in power to get the people to turn against each other, then in time still have the wealth and trade of the UK by using fear tactics and propaganda that would spell doom for them if they didn't comply… Don't be fooled, the EU are not trying to make a united states of Europe… they want a EUSSR, only look at artical 13 and 11 if you need more proof, and now the British people by the thousands are being arrested for dissenting opinions.

Larry Clark says:

The rest of the world should take a lesson. Especially the US

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