🎥 RSBN Special Report: Who Will Be President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick?

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Saturday, June 30, 2018: RSBN’s Alyssa Ashe will hold an interactive discussion with our viewers regarding who President Trump should pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy for his second Supreme Court nominee.

🎥 RSBN Special Report: Who Will Be President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick?
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zelda torna says:

Well-done. Thank you for opening up the communication lines.

bigguy130 says:

Alyssa was a great addition to RSBN. She does a great job. So much better than the fake news liberal media personalities.

A L says:

Good job reporting

MaryMag & Martha says:

This democratic "misinformation" has to be exposed before it gets out of hand and becomes an issue that distracts from the real issue – nomination and confirmation of the next SCOTUS. When McConnell said years ago, "No SCOTUS nomination during an "election year"…, he said Presidential Election. He was not talking about "mid-year" election and the Democrats know this. However, they will stick with the lie until someone presents the indisputable truth

Goodwomen Goodman says:

You are great. You certainly handle spontaneous reporting much better than Fake News media.

acorn sucks says:

Pretty girl.

I love The USA says:

A true constitutional young pro American judge

Kevin Conners says:

It's amazing she could fill two hours of time by herself. That's a gift.

Diane G says:

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Classical music 74 says:

If the judge Larson has gone through the senate confirmation process last year, Mitch McConnell could use that as 'done'. This would speed up the confirmation.

NuclearBumpkin says:

Alyssa a qt3.14

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