Insane! Hillary Clinton Prepares To Run For President In 2020

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It’s insane that Hillary is still implying that she is the leader of the Democratic party and that she might run in 2020.
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epikus anon says:

Definition of insanity – repeating, and expecting a different result.

She's certifiable.

Juliet Marotzke says:

This nitwit STILL thinks she can win?? Well, I do think the Democratic Party is SMART ENOUGH NOT TO LET HER GET THE NOMINATION AGAIN. She stole it last time and PROVED she can't win. The ''tolerant'' liberals won't allow anyone to openly admit they support Trump – YES!!!! 2016 ALL OVER AGAIN AND IT SURE WAS FUN THE FIRST TIME!!!! RUN HILLARY LOLOL RUN!

Ron Swanson says:

She'll be dead before 2020

Psyop Bob says:

it's not true Hillary will not run again and if she does it will be against the secret societies and the Democratic party so maybe this time they will kill her instead of her killing everyone else she was a painted woman no one likes her daughter the truth and even with all the celebrities no attention was given

Katherine Noddin says:

Run again, shes a criminal,

james turner says:

Trump failed to cut the head off the snake plain and simple

Pattie Lakley says:

Hillary should be in Prison

Robert Kelly says:

She entitled to but she won't receive the DNC nomination they need an anti establishment nominees.

Krn l says:

Put this Person in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of the Clintons. Go away already!

Alvin Prettyman says:


Alvin Prettyman says:

their hatred of President Donald John Trump is making the democrat party collectively insane …. hatred destroys the hater too

Randall Beck says:

Hillary can make another run at politics; candidates are allowed time to exercise each day, she can call that CAMPAIGN HOUR.

graf orlock says:

she won't get the democratic nomination. the clinton name is now poison. and she is too damn old

Thomas Pozsonyi says:

She should run, run for the hills!!!

The Rev says:

The malignant narcissistic individual never voluntarily stops – it is the others’ who must refuse to engage

Gwen Sink says:

Lock her up.I'm tired of the B's

Chef Fabio76 says:

Roosevelt died in the beginning of his 4th term April 1945…

OUR-Republic Never-Give-In says:

Disinformation distraction. Hitlery CUnton is going to be shitting in a diaper in two years, not running for any office.


I said it 1000 times hitlary will run in 2020 and this time she wont loose and all the good Trump has done will be undone

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