North Korea WARNING: Ministry of Defense Just Declared US Has Until July 23

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North Korea WARNING: Ministry of Defense Just Declared US Has Until July 23

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► North Korea WARNING: Ministry of Defense Just Declared US Has Until July 23’

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North Korea WARNING: Ministry of Defense Just Declared US Has Until July 23

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xYoungxLifex says:

One nuke on korea will be gone

otsisippi1 says:

kim jung un stop your nuclear program now!
you are way past the point where the usa should be nice about your past and current threats.
if i were president of the usa you would be smoke already!

Richard Burton Lanier Jr says:

Drop bombs on all North Korea's government buildings.

Zomberablack says:

It would almost be worth it to let them nuke california but there are still some good people there so yeah strike first.

flofancy1 says:

Here we go again. Somebody give Kim Jon underwear his damn cookies and milk already. Wouldn't want him to think we forgot him.

Dan Ball says:

Yet another thank you to the incompetent Democrats and their failed do nothing policies for bringing us to this point…sickning

Brian Crane says:

China outfitted NoKo with nucs and missiles to use them to distract us while they seize the South China Sea

Colleen McGrady says:

Peace … the whole of mankind is fed up with the horrors of wars .. Talk peace .. not war … sanctions not guns and stop funding countries that hate us..! Peacecan be bought ???

LouLou Lou says:

Oh please. The U.S. has way more power than NK. Trump's got this. This isn't the pussy Obama Kim is messing with.

Lola Bratton says:

I think that they all are acting like children and they all need to grow up and act like adults and talk things through. Instead just wanting War and killing their people.

Tammy Burman says:

North korea has been dumping nuclear waste by the tons into the ocean so they've already been basically using nuclear weapons against the world anyway. China and russia already said if we attacked they would defend north korea. We are already spread out across the country and now our own border. I think between this horde of people and everything else has been trying to draw us into a conflict then russia and china will slide right in. Hillary, Obama and the rest of the dems have already sold off a big percentage of our country to china and nuclear materials to russia and they've worked together before. I don't think there's a solution as all the other countries just want what we have and if you've ever played the military game called Risk you know when you want to take a country you spread their armies thin then work with your allies to take em over.

Rachel Coffing says:

Ok people .. get over it…. he's a dictator…. he's not going to destroy his entire country and himself… He's not going to test our POTUS

Robert Simonton says:

Bomb North Korea's nuclear radiation plant now, the evil people will never change, remember the snake how good it was to take in the snake, and the snake killed the good Samaritan

Kevin. W House says:

Sounds like the Brits want us to go to war why why are they pushing that narrative kind of makes you think huh

Alan Dillard says:

I want everybody to think about something now it is North Korea has been talking with China Trump is Trump has been asking China help him with North Korea well China is not a friend sorry but they're mad because we put sanctions against them because they didn't Rob last 50 years economically back and they're not our country back up with Trump in office because they stole our steel mills are car plants and everything else America needs to wake up and smell the coffee they're going to use North Korea to attack us is my opinion cuz they're working together now that Kim Jung Jung is no longer controlled by the Rothschilds this is their way to start war with us cuz they're mad like a little baby girl pussy that they are is thyme leaves in German to watch they did during World War II sneak attack our ass they're going to use North Korea to do it Kim Jong young is a bloody f**** idiot mark my words this is the truth

James Weatherford says:

good they'll start with California.

Grace Bertrand says:

Cute…….Little monster gives it as well as gets it….Big problem! China's behind him….And Russia may chime in…Ooooops!

Leigha_roblox Love says:

blow north korea off map before that happens!

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