Greyhound had pushed for government support

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Greyhound had been pushing for financial support from the federal government in recent years before it announced major cuts to bus service in Western Canada.
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cyberknight2010 says:

NO Bail out if your company fails you go bankrupt,

Darlene Sjostrom says:

What are we, taxpayers who pay for the profits of American corporations??

Americans don't even do it!
Wake up Canada!

Jeff Bryan says:

The feds should have purchased the Hound outright.  You know… something to go with our pipeline and our postoffice/bank and our dairy industry and our Communists Before Canadians broadcasting company.

Jeff Bryan says:

Did the Hound lose MORE than the CBC last year?… or any year?  The feds should have helped them and Defunded the CBC.

CrackerJackLee says:

This is really an old story. Greyhound has been asking for funding for at least 7 years. They're losing money on the rural routes. Europe has government trains… Canada is too big and remote. If Greyhound has been throwing money away on these routes, why can't Canada afford to take up the slack?

Notice that Quebec solved this problem in their province some how. But if I might add, I last rode a bus like this many years ago and the people were disgusting with their bare feet up beside your head, radios ablare, loud filthy talking, loud foreign conversations, body odour, kids uncontrolled… a real nightmare. Now I drive or take the train. Flying is really cheap now if you can do the airport-city run on your own. I think most Native people get a ride rather than take the bus. It's actually no longer safe for anyone. You fall asleep, some one robs you or cuts your head off…

A woman alone on a bus is not a good thing…

Rata 4U says:

People reject buses because they aren't convenient. How do i drop my kids off at daycare and arrive at work on time using a bus? Do you honestly believe people are going to wait in the blowing snow with kids in tow to get to daycare then wait for another bus to take them to work? This is C A N A D A – it's not London, England or Amsterdam. Our nation is huge with burbs that stretch out for endless miles! London is like Vancouver except it has 270 stations and eleven lines….what does the GVRD have? 3 lines? 3 lines for a region that is 1000 square kilometers BIGGER than London. London is SMALL in comparison. I HATE it when people make comparisons to cities that are a fraction of the size of the GVRD….well if Londoners can cycle to work thrn why can't we??? For one thing London is warmer than Vancouver then we get those 80 days of straight rain, and much of our neighbourhoods is crammed with single detached HOUSES!

Jay Ray says:

*googles how much the CEO makes* Hmmmmmmmm

Deep Thought says:

Greyhound should have gone full electric with auto drive.

joe lukasik says:

When one closes an opportunity arises so I bet some other private sector will try to fill the void

Si Armadillo says:

Let’s have a random draw for the busses ! Everyone in Canada’s in it goes off social security number. If I win I’m building a wicked camper !That’s a big no on the money greyhound. Try upgrading your services red arrow serves cookies and pop bro.

GoldenState says:

Greyhound in the U.S. is a creepy way to travel.

Roedy Green says:

The provinces should subsidise the service, expropriate the server, or set up a competing service. SOME sort of service is an absolute necessity.

Shane Berry says:

The government is too busy supporting Syrians and other refugee's.. Why would they help their own people?

Vini says:

Greyhound should be gone. No federal back up. Stop wasting taxpayers money !

Master Mariner says:

Good riddance to them. On Vancouver island there was Pacific Coach Lines. Greyhound bought them out and drove it into the ground then they stopped the service.
Now we have small private companies North Island Express and Tofino Bus on those routes. Both are far better.
We needed Greyhound to get out of the way so the small Canadian entrepreneur with far better service could move in.
Go home Greyhound. We do not want you big american companies here. Go home to your own country.

Matt Churchill says:

Good questions from interviewer! This guy is tough to listen to, and you totally carried him through it. Bravo

Jaime Burciaga says:

Bring mexicans bus lines.

A Google User says:

One thing I like about the black neighborhoods in New York City is we have dollar vans. These Vans have a route in the Suburban parts of Queens where regular city buses don't go.

Kholke Holkepolke says:

Nothing is viable with this economy anymore. Sadly, the more money the government pumps into these services, the worst off things become.. This goes for nearly everything.. Whether it's taxes for health care insurance plans, backing for mortgages, public education, etc, these services see more money to operate, and as a result, the market costs go up. In this case, I'm going to assume that Greyhound's meanest expense, is more than likely their maintenance and repair costs. Unless more bus companies close down, the part manufacturers can keep charging 300-1000% markups on their products. So, as long as other governments keep subsidizing markets, realistic market prices will cease to exist. Bottom line irony is, a stagnant economy will prevail, when we let the markets fail.

interovert21 interovert21 says:

Call up Uber bus.
Ask what regulation prevents them from legally operating in Canada
One month later.
Most laid off greyhound driver become owner operators.
Safer cheaper transport preventing hitch hiking.

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