NDP lags behind Liberals, Conservatives in fundraising

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The Liberals and Conservatives have the fundraising lead ahead of the New Democrats, according to annual riding association returns filed with Elections Canada. The Power Panel discusses the importance of fundraising for the party and a candidate.
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Sam195 says:

The NDP is a joke they are going to get crushed in the 2019 election – I predict only the NDP leadership candidates Jagmeet Singh, Guy Caron, Charlie Angus, Nikki Ashton and their incumbent BC mps will be elected in the next election. So their seat count will be like 16 which is almost the equivalent of 1/3 of the seats they retained in the 2015 election when they dropped form Official Opposition to third party. Trudeau should pick up a good 25 seats from them which will make for the losses he is likely to rack up in Atlantic Canada, Rural Quebec and the GTA due to his idiotic tax hikes, deficits and open border policies. I still see him winning another slim majority in the next election or forming a minority with a further diminished NDP in the rare scenario Scheer somehow wins the most seats.

mr1fed says:

#WalkAway from Liberals and end the CBC

Eric Von says:

Why would anyone give money to communists in disguise, especially when their leader is a sikh extremists? Seriously, thats the worst combination EVER!

Jeff Bryan says:

Power panel??? you're kidding right?

Jeff Bryan says:

How come CBC disabled comments on Retardeau's groping vids?

pierce y says:

Yes, get rid of the NDP and bring back the CCF

John Forbes says:

TRUDEAU WILL WIN IN 19 as all of the illegals will be able to vote & they will vote LIBERAL! So Canadians pay to keep the illegals & pay to keep JIHAD JUSTIN in power! Few seem to understand that the more illegals that flood the place the better the chances are for JIHAD JUSTIN to win as these are his voters!

Tim says:

Is it really that surprising that the Liberals and Conservatives sell themselves to the 1%?

C Robinson says:

The NDP have always been more effective in a minority government working with the Liberals. It would make more sense to disband the NDP and have its members run as Liberals.

Pauly DP says:

After hearing this story I am contributing 500 bucks to my local conservative party. Its not much but every bit helps.

Patrick Diotte says:

Are we now going to see, the CBC go to bat for the Fed NDP, like the CBC did, after their candidate wynne threw in the towel before the election! The future for the CBC and their socialists, is already written. Trying to move, to the right now, will only make you and your Lib party look more disingenuous! 2019!

To Release is To Resolve says:

Trugrope is coming for you ladies.

Tyler says:

Breaking News: Scheer lags behind Trudeau in gropes. It's one grope to zero for Trudeau in that category. Now I'm sure that Singh will try to one-up Trudeau and get accused of two gropes before the election, but at this point, that would only give him a rise in the polls. It's a grope-off, folks. We have a grope off.

Ahoo Mun says:

Who would have thought socialists were strapped for cash?

Dry Nipsalot says:

NDP and Liberals are awful right now.


Who is willing to vote NDP now that their party leader is someone who calls India his country.


The Liberals idea of election reform is to do away with photo ID to make the election more 'fair'. In other words, they want to compromise election integrity in case they have to cheat since they have no chance in hell of winning.

Justin says:

Maybe because NDP voters don't work and just want handouts..

Himanshu Bhatt says:

Trudeau's leadership will outlive Trump's presidency!

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