U.K. cabinet resignations complicating Brexit negotiations

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Two high-profile cabinet resignations in the U.K. have further complicated ongoing Brexit negotiations. Conservative MP Andrew Percy says politicians need to grow up and get on with the process.

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1611 says:

thumbs down for guest

1611 says:

this guy is propaganda for the left narrative, interview some1 honest

Geoff Thompson says:

CBC: If you remove the elite people like Helen Mirren, and people like me, then there is nothing left other than mediocrity. I would lethally inject my kids before giving them to you. Whether male or female, or Black or White. Along with hundreds of "mysterious" deaths, people who did not have a choice like me, many other people made their own choice.

Most of those elite people are gone now, somewhere like Canada. It was not wise to treat exceptional people like peaces of garbage. So, now the Lapham's, Mulroney-Lapham's, and Hanna's, can have the hell they have engineered, stemming from Canada's British establishment and their ongoing purge. And their plot to target 'corporate interests,' as well as the American Empire, is not going to go well. AT&T just spent over 100 billion for the acquisition of Time Warner.

After 33 years targeting my immediate family (with the same surname), and covertly exterminating us, and murdering relatives like a Thompson you murdered recently in Ottawa, including nearly 5 years of electroshock torture because you are all 'hooked in:' You can set me up or murder me. I would only expose what happened to my immediate family, how far back it goes in not letting us leave, why it happened, and what you have planned. Otherwise, I would be silent.

My immediate family was covertly exterminated, and relatives murdered. In my case, systematic murder.
Therein lies Helen Mirren as the Great Dame. You can set me up or murder me.

Bill Luka says:

May is basically trying to stay in the EU, but Britain would lose any voting power in it…….
Why the hell would MPs that actually want Brexit want to be allied with someone that is trying to sabotage it??

Tyler says:

May Day, May Day. Fortuna's got her on a downward spiral with the rotund globalist Merkel like two characters from a John Kennedy Toole novel. I've got a toonie on Rees Mogg. You can't clog the Mogg.

Hona Wikeepa says:

The UK will be absorbed into the EU like America has been absorbed into the UN NWO.

Echo Chamber Infiltrator says:

It's not the resignations complicating Brexit you goofs. It's Theresa May trying to sabotage it that is causing complications.

Marek Kolenda says:

Trump play's Hucpa with NATO if US pull out from NATO in Afghanistan gone stay's only US force's.

Bear Jew says:

Boris crapped on the floor and walked out of the room.

don quattrocchi says:

it is not complicated………get out of the evil EU……..Have no deals. New deals can be done after UK is free.

L Esty says:

People are totally fed up with May. Look at the state of England, feel sorry for my family over there. His last comment is amusing considering what London's mayor has been throwing at Trump for months, even wanted him banned from England. This mayor has even approved a (not so nice) balloon for his arrival but many will rally with a welcome balloon. Many admire Pres Trump but like everywhere else the media never reports.

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