A POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE Shakes The UK As May Stabs Boris & Brexit In The Back:

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hilda ogden says:

NOTE TO TORY PARTY: don't employ anymore women.

Bob Johnson says:

When you find yourself under a tyrant, revolt! That's what we Yanks did…

lantrill lan says:

nigel farage you have gotto run, we need you in power..

lantrill lan says:

get her out .

Prince hectoroftroy says:

Sadiq Khan for PM…..lol

Mr. CoTrain says:

Hell yes this is Farages chance to become Prime, then we can get Robinson out of jail, and the radical Islamist flood to stop!

Boccherini64 says:

Who on Earth takes Fox (so-called) News seriously. Not to mention continuously using Farage as their font of all knowledge. The mans an opportunist, a fraud, and a joke.


May is a disgusting

plantboy100 says:

it's time for the british people to take back the power they wanted

dean a says:

really think 17million poeple that voted out are gunna just sit back let this happend she dont no what shes done she just opened a big can of worms there will be riots in the streets

HKHowie says:

like the videos, but could you turn down the intro music some. Way too loud compared with volume of videos IMO

hope odyssey says:

She's a real sour and nasty woman!

Noel Scully says:

Vote her out.

wayne stabler says:

Someone say earthquake ? I hope it's 10 on the rictor scale .

Mark Drouin says:

Theresa may a disaster she’s overriding the will of the people .

Dorothy Foxall says:

Shame on Theresa May, betrayer of the Brexit vote.

Hamish Thecat says:

Stupid bitch stabbed the British people in the back, treason.

Raymond Chavez says:

what can you expect from a woman in charge..woman will always go behind someone else's back to do what they want..merkle did it, may did it,Hilary would've done it.. ignoring the people to go ahead with what they believe

Georgia Jawaid says:

Jacob Reese Mogg is my favorite to be Prime Minister of England.

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