Donald Trump baby blimp ready to take first steps – BBC News

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A controversial blimp, that will fly to protest US president Donald Trump’s visit, is ready for launch according to its organisers.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given permission for the helium-filled six-metre (19.7ft) high balloon to fly.
Campaigners raised almost £18,000 to pay for the inflatable and more than 10,000 people signed a petition calling for the inflatable to be given permission to fly, but some have described it as “a disgrace” and “disrespectful.”

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stewart william says:

Trump a guest of this country and indeed the Queen.
And we have a Muslim Mayor of London (known to the CIA) being allowed to carry out this stunt …… Make no mistake …… THE WORLD ISN'T LAUGHING AT TRUMP

VLVL37 says:

Allowing the balloon to fly has enraged some online.

Such pathetic behaviour

Yeah those people look pretty enraged, or maybe they just think you're retarded.

Scarlet Baby says:

This is so funny I hope he likes it. Glad he's wearing a diaper.

lxbanos says:

Yeah U.K. purposely and grossly insult the leader of the free world and most powerful man on earth, literally speaking, when he comes to visit. Man you brits are dumber than I thought, hope y’all don’t need our help anytime soon.

Jovani Jaimes says:

That's Donald Trump as a baby I thought it was him with his shirt off

Fatso Grease ball says:

Epic I love it .

BritishLAD 26 says:

Everyone complaining shut up we don’t want trump in England anyway

Baron Von Munchausen says:

Sorry, but this is stupid.

If this was anyone else we'd call out their childish demeanour. Move on people.

fondoftheduh says:

sling shot. pea shooter. bow n arrow

Patrick Maguire says:

Anyone see the BBC's feature article on FINDOM recently? Comments disabled of course. That's the BBC in a nutshell these days. From the people who brought us Jimmy Savile and covered up his abuse. This trump hatred is all a bit rich. Britain is an embarrassment. Channel 4 is even worse if that's possible.

Gamer George says:

Pathetic, have these liberal lefties not got better things to do with their lives. Hopefully someone will shoot it down straight away.

True Tech says:

He's a posturing yelly air headed religiou$ narcissist, with the usual sandbox issues.
Google: 1990 trump rape.

chidu loves Tigers says:

Donald Trump baby doll look so cute !!

支那豚消灭 says:

I’m from China,I want say to trump,America is not a company,and politics is not business,the old guy only care money money……for example,can humans rights trade with money??the answer is no……

dan scolaro says:

Afterwards it should go the central park in NYC…….I LOVE it.

David 1 says:

Leftist pig's those who want to destroy London… People who loves London must find them whr thy live & destroy thr Home

Péter Kiss says:

Butt hurt libtards can't get over it. Keep crying it's very entertaining, another 6+ years left 😉

Michael Lowry says:

funny how the best things are the most reviled.
you complacent fucks don’t have a clue.

Josip Tumapa says:

So, it’s FINE to do stuff like these….
But then, the media is so QUICK to act & SENSITIVE about “HATE SPEACH” and “Political Correctness”. — my my…. what a circus! What a time to be alive!

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