High-Profile Free Speech Lawyer Worried About New Civil War

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A Hobbit says:

He should be worried. If the left wants to shut me up its going to cost them. I take my constitutional rights and yours deadly seriously.

Super Kyle says:

Maybe a bar wasen't the best place to do this

DJ Mack da Monkey says:

This culture war will be won by those who know how to involve, Fox Trump yall are going down

cristscott says:

AMERICAN people will not fall for that trick by the left and right working hard for a martial law enforcement.
The people of America wants the over all Government exposed.
An 911 is the keys to caging the Elite rich and their world control.
The other countries are breaking away from the Rothschilds and the other elites controlling countries with money.
These countries are trying to get along with a new plan.
Government's helping each other, with out the aide of the elite rich. Great idea.
and many other countries are forming together.
AMERICA is isolating themselves from these countries.
Maybe America is still being controlled by the the Rothschilds money.
If America is not controlled by the elite.
They will need to protect Iran.
The elite rich is after Iran's oil and gas industry deals.
If they own our government.
AMERICA and/or Israel will create a war with Iran.
Sanction on Iran's economy is the evidence starting the elite rich control.
God is moving in another direction with other countries, to put a stop to the one World Government. Amen

Count Faqu says:

(((They))) hide by using Gentile masks

Michael Powell says:

This is really sub-par venue for this sort of interview.

Santana Binacci says:

Alex fearmongering while eating a $1000.00 dinner smh

brime jo says:

He is a knigth of malta,vatican agent.

Andrea Mix says:

horrible audio. Can't even listen

billville111 says:

Drinking and posting don't mix

Taylor Schon says:

I appreciate the attempt but you will need to update / get your crew to add subtitles.

Ana Aoa says:

I unsubscribed A.J.

Garret Burrow says:

Can't hear a single word.

WeavingChaos says:

Screw the left if i have to ill fight for my rights

itchy uk says:

Hello,any chance of looking into brian harvey case against Rupert Murdoch phone tapping scandal? He needs help.

Intelligent Person says:

are ya going to court Tuesday to join a great hero Wolfgang Halbig? Yes, Sandy Hook Liars are at it again. smh. and Prayers.

Linda Bostoen says:

This is waste of time.
Can't hear or see a thing.

darren james says:

The sound is terrible can not hear a thing

mick leeds says:

alex lil slipup couple days ago…aj said in reguards whilst speaking about joe rogan…another cat outta the bag alex but many people already knew this.."There are 20 different races of Aliens…and the Aliens run the Government and have a agenda against us.."

MlSHKlN says:

ok this is about 5 dinner videos in a row with these jack asses not realizing that the mic only picks up audio behind the camera…. do they not even watch these things before uploading? its cringe inducing

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