Hilarious!… As The Left Continue To Beat The IMMIGRATION PINATA Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise By 10%

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beverley fryer says:

The millions of illegal hispanics that are already in the Usa don't want any more hispanics
coming to the America because they. will be direct competition for their $5 hr jobs

Green Squirrel says:

I sell windows in homes in a Latino community. I have a long beard and tattooed and have a american flag on my arm. People automatically assume I’m a trump supporter and I’m fine with that but the amazing thing is the amount of the Latino people that are behind Trump and against illegal immigrants. It’s mind blowing

Felix Lopez says:

20 years from now the Democrats are only going to be found in history books as a extinct political party that was against America.

Ramiro melara says:

I am a legal immigrant and I love and respect the country, the flag and the greatest President ever. Thank you President Trump and God bless you and God bless America.

Trevor Sedis says:

Liberals apparently say men can now enter women's bodies now without consent as long as the perps are human and are willing to do what most Americans won't.

Trevor Sedis says:

Liliana Gil Valletta:
BA Business, Southwestern Adventist University
MBA, University of Colorado
JFK School of Government, Harvard University
Youngest female executive at Johnson & Johnson

Me like mucho!

Mark Rubin says:

It's past time to install a Southern border MINEFIELD.

Bucky Pinata says:

Leftism is a special kind of psychosis

G.R. Conn says:

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction a basic law of physics and human nature. The left does not believe that fact and assume no responsibility for their actions, rather transferring the blame to those they oppose. Water's remarks against non left thinking people was a prime example as is the border dispute and a host of other issues. You pose a threat real or imagined against my family you will get an equal and opposite reaction 10 times over. They should check their tongue's and thinking for the fallacies they spew! Any politician that incites violent tactics should be automatically impeached or otherwise legally removed from congress and public service permanently.

therealfirstone says:

How about:"Abolish FBI!"?

therealfirstone says:

Thank you for not calling us Hispanic "Latinos". We don't speak Latin and we don't all come from Latin America.

K G says:

If we accept that the MSM is propoganda, then everything they say is a lie. That is forcing intelligent citizens to find out the truth for themselves. When we find it, we realize that what Trump is doing is what the citizens want him to do.

Barbara Powell says:


Jo Smotherman says:

I have said it before, Democraprats have absolutely nothing to offer anyone. Psycho Maxine and airhead Pelosi are insane.

Tom Ski says:

Hispanics, blacks and millennials are starting to realize how much illegal immigration and globalization has hurt them economically. Most Republicans politicians got the message with Trump's election, but Democrats politicians continue serving big capital.

toob maniac says:

Democrats and the MSM are being shown that they can't create issues and news to politically ruin the opposition…Fake News won't work for them !

K. Cole says:

Carlson has moral and intellectual clarity. Yes criminals are imprisoned. When they are US citizens, they go to jail. At that point they are separated from their children and no one says anything. When a non US national commits the crime? Oh, no. They are the victim and have special rights.

way of the intercepting fist says:

AMERICAN latino for Trump.

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