Hilarious!… Half Of The Chicken Little Democrats SCREAM ABOLISH ICE The Other Half Say NOBODY IS

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John Stafford says:

hummm…u worry about the children then yell about roe vs wade.

Jeff Dixon says:

This is another example of why people are moving away from the Democrats. Let's look at this:

The Thai soccer team were trapped by an act of nature. The kids separated by adults at the border are there because of illegal activity. The illegal activity of their parents and/or human smugglers. How is this the same thing? The guy is insulting you. he thinks you are too stupid to know the difference. Maybe he does not know the difference. Which is very bad. The kids must be separated at least for a short period of time to determine if they are victims of human smugglers.

Here are the options. This Democrat is

a. Spinning because he knows the Obama, Clinton and Bush administrations did the same thing. So if Trump is acting immorally then the Democrats acted this way for 16 years. This guy is distorting the truth.


b. He is ignorant. He really does not know what is going on.


c. He does not know enough brainpower to understand the situation.

d. He is outright lying and he knows it.

e. A combination of some of the above.

Any option here is very, very bad. Trump says continually he is for immigration but the right way: by merit, by proper vetted, and in a controlled lawful way. What is wrong with that? Saying Trump is against immigration is factually incorrect.

You simply cannot trust these guys because they are so full of hate for Trump, or against any policy that is not theirs, or against any policy they once agreed with but were unable to make effective and are now looking bad because Trump is making their former policies work.

Dear Democrats,

Is this what you want? Is this who you are? A group of people who are perfectly OK being apart of an ignorant, uninformed, spinning and lying entity that treats the rest of the world with contempt while all the while you engage in the most contemptuous of actions. Shame on you! SHAME!

John Glue says:

Lol that guy is crazy. I have seen several democrats say to abolish ICE. He is such a liar.

Петя Иванов says:

Thoughts and prayers for El Salvador, Mexican, etc. ILLEGALS (equals: criminals violating the law of this land (look up the meaning of ILLEGAL in any dictionary) to re-unite with their families BACK across the southern border. NOBODY invited them here, NOBODY encouraged them to risk the lives of their (?) children. FOLLOW the US immigration rules and laws, don't abuse / bilk the system. STOP LYING.

derrick foster says:

This guy said he's a Christian, then sit on his black ass and lie in front of millions of Americans. SMH!

derrick foster says:

This nigga should get off the slave plantation! He's so outraged about the treatment of illegals, but he expressed no outrage and distaste about a system in America that has ALWAYS SNATCHED or separateld black kids from their parents/family. Uncle Tom nigga!

Adre Claassens says:

Dummycrsts! They are the very definition of low iq and just plain stupid!

jason johnson says:

dumbass … what about the criminals who aeperated from their parents

Angel Molly-Dollar says:



The children were not removed from their parents. In fact, the "parents" are being removed from the children for endangering them. Big difference.

There are two constants in the Universe: Change and neotards will always get it wrong.

Hysteria and desperation does not a strategy make.

Shawn b says:

ICE isn't the people separating kids at the border that would be the Border Patrol

Cartel says:

"A fire that Trump started?" It's the law that's already in the book, retard.

Peace ACR says:

Come on you guys know these idiots are a joke your awake now right ?

Peace ACR says:

Dem are ot getting smarter oh but they have Cortez and Maxine lololololololol bah hahaha lmfao

Peace ACR says:

Where did that kid one from sit back kid and watch

See the Light says:

Trump didn't "start the fire". Those crossing the border illegally are criminals and should be treated like any other criminals – which includes separating kids from the criminals (who are, in many cases, their parents).
Here's how it works: If A family presents at a border crossing point and applies for asylum, they aren't separated. This isn't a new policy. It's the way it's been for some time.
On the other hand, a "family" sneaking across the border who gets caught, then try to play the "asylum" card. Asylum was never their intent. Their plan was to sneak into the Country. They go caught. Having been caught, they try to manufacture a reason to stay anyway. That excuse is "asylum".

Ralph Geigner says:

Socialism = S the former USSR ! This A Ocasio – Cortez ! must know nothing of the former USSR etc. history ! I was stationed in West Berlin, during the Cold War saw first hand when traveling to East Berlin and East Germany, Hungry and the former CZ Republic, terrible war torn buildings back then, new Soviet apartments were the same, bad construction , foot shortages , people not happy when we would talk to some, I have been to Russia in recent years and the people tell some terrible situations under the former USSR regimes, This Dick Durbin is such a JERK ! what is going on yet at the borders was going on even during Obama regime ! More Democart B S ! Vote them all out in 2018 ! Maxine Waters ! The Wicked Witch of the West should be fired ! GO ARMY NRA USA

uofmdad42 go blue says:

democrats have lost their​ minds

Michael Ledford says:

America should send ICE reinforcements as well as empower citizen groups & constitutional militias to patrol our border with Mexico , while we're at it we should hold a nation wide referendum on bringing back " stop & frisk " powers to all law enforcement agencies , killing off ICE would have the exact effect on illegal immigrants as killing stop & frisk has had on crime rates in every major city in America , I'm legally armed at all times weather in my car ,my truck ,any of my motorcycles , riding my bicycle or on foot walking I'm armed legally , and I'm a black man ,I couldn't care any less about a cop taking up 5 minutes of my time to shake me down for ilegal weapons and drugs , the people who hate ICE and destroyed stop & frisk or profiling are the lions share criminals themselves .

Dan Golden says:

How did Trump start this problem? He has been president for less than 2 years. We have had this problem for more than 2 years. And how is protecting your country from bad people racist? Unbelievable

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