Immediately After Damon Denounced America And Leaves Because Of Trump It Backfires BIG

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Top Stories Today –
Immediately After Damon Denounced America And Leaves Because Of Trump It Backfires BIG

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► Immediately After Damon Denounced America And Leaves Because Of Trump It Backfires BIG

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Immediately After Damon Denounced America And Leaves Because Of Trump It Backfires BIG

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Richard Smagala says:

If only others that feel the same would also leave we might return to an era of polite discourse and respect for all people regardless of their beliefs. A shame these Trump haters are so blinded by their hate they fail to see themselves for what they have become!

G.R. Conn says:

MAGA evict Hollywood and the fake news  to Venezuela!


Lmao…a nuther clown that think his opinion counts for anything…lol

Jesse Marcus Di Campli San Vito says:

The filming industry for to long have tried to dominate politics, but it seems that era is ending, and true leaders are and will rise, leading the country for all not just the selected few. 99% for trump, he sticks to his guns! So to speak.

Julie Barnes says:

No citizen don't let h back in

tomtkl says:

another Masshole from Masshole achusetts who friggin cares if he got pissed off and ran away to Australia….maybe he and George Clooney can live together…I think they are both light in the loafers"

Jan Kiper says:

How does a person like Matt Damon become so deluded and so silly? It seems this is the worst some people in California, regular people I just stars have become so entrenched in this “War against Trump? I have a close family member living in California for the last few years and you can’t even discuss this with her. Sometimes she even gets mad and thinks everything is Photoshop like turtles mustache, real or not, can’t me a good laugh .

Larry Fisher says:


Robert Wood says:

F.o.Damon don't come back ass wipe.

TheSergio944 says:

Adios. nunca regreses! Good riddance. O No. the libtards will have one less voter!!

John Anderson says:

Alright good good now can you please take as many crybaby snowflakes with you as you can or even better can you take all of them please we would be way better off without all this nonsense.God bless The United States God bless America and God bless Trump

Go Trump says:

Don't let the door hit ya were the good lord spit ya! Bye bitch!

Tom Malik says:

Another spoiled, two-faced and ungrateful Hollywood groupie who can't handle real life!

evilbilla says:

So let's renounce his citizenship and let's see how well he gets by trying to get work visas to come back here to work and wherever he descides to apply for citizenship who knows how long it will last before he can get it. Australia isn't very happy as now he will have to pay there as well

Lynda Dennis says:

What happened to all the celebraties that said they were moving to Canada?

Teresa Pitts says:

Bye and don't come back commie lover because you won't be missed

Nancy Libby says:

Who cares,just another little man who thinks he's better than the people who made him rich! Such a hypocrite, problem is they forget their suppose to be entertainers,but money makes them think their so much smarter than they really are! Good Riddance,you should have given your house here in America to a poor person who deserves it!!!!

Joanna Stafish says:

Next thing you know, Australians are gonna rebel and tell us to keep our toxic waste at home. Hollywood, why don't you get up and go to hell… where you came from!

Lono Kahiwa says:

How did it backfire in his face? He said he's leave if trump won, and he left!
Stupid video, but not as stupid as trump and his supporters!

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