KAVANAUGH: The Good, The Bad, The Unknown

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What do Kavanaugh’s past decisions tell us about the kind of Supreme Court Justice he’ll be? Is it wise to pin our hopes on the Supreme Court or are there better ways to achieve liberty?

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Psalm1Tree says:

This was good. I was leery about Kavanaugh. Now I know in detail why. If someone cites "tradition" rather than our constitutional rights, how is that person an "originalist"?

classic kool says:

David Knight is the best there is! … A strict constitutionalist delivering news.. How can it get any better? .. Thanks, Info Wars.

Lucy Goose says:

I love ya David Knight!

Bag-em-tag-em 1776 says:

All these pore babys never had a chance…so sad

tiborvivi says:

I do NOT support President Trump's nominee Kavanaugh. This guy is anti-internet neutrality. He probably takes bribes from the zion$hits. Sorry President Trump, this time I disagree with you! Well, the RATS (democRATS) will block him anyway, so I don;t worry to much

DaveElectric says:

Damn it Trump made the wrong decision.

wattsup1004 says:

If you put a good fish into a bowl full of scumsuckers, the fish is still a good fish although it has to employ certain tactics to stay alive. Once Trump removes the scumsuckers this fish will be allowed to exist as it was intended. Trump made a good choice for SCOTUS. He just has to clear up the crap fest around him so he is freed from any entanglements.

google sucks says:

Great work getting straight to the point right at the beginning, without blah blah blah

Kimberly Hilton says:

No Senate confirmation for Kavanaugh – I hope. Something is up with Trump – WE ALL NEED TO PRAY

hedwegg says:

To the Point:… After [Roberts] makes a "flawed decision" on [Funding] for Obamacare…he takes off for…a [Bilderberg Meeting] soon thereafter! Point: Roberts will follow Presidential Leadership. He's been able to keep his [Immunity] in spite of [Foreign Interests] influencing his decisions on the Court. All for [American Presidential Leadership] & [Executive Decision Making Ability] in Action. [In God we Trust]. The American Way! Stick with Trump!

Sam Samuels says:

I trust Trump's judgement..
Kavanaugh is not a threat.

Jay Nadal says:

Trump is really screwing us over with this Kavanaugh nomination. Sad.

Brian Anderson says:

Thank you David.

Dr. Fresh_2k says:

Yeah I agree with David Knight….. I don't trust Kavanaugh either.

Pimplahdon says:

eww david didnt read the end of that paper where is says '"constitutionally protected"… i cant watch him anymore. dishonest.

Carol Secret says:

Remind the clothes, money loving socialist that in Socialism EVERYONE GETS PAID THE SAME!! HARDLY anything!! So she can be president and be paid the same as a maid or deli girl!

Don Goble says:

I think I'm going to have to hope the left are successful in blocking this supreme Court pick. A very disappointing pick to the supreme by POTUS!

mikemoair says:

Roberts was a great conservative pick. ahole gave us Obamacare……

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