LIVE: President Trump Welcome Ceremony at NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium

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Kilda Saints says:

Trump and Melania looked fantastic – Sax musicians were disgusting- Thx so much RSBN for bringing the only good broadcast

the rooster says:

Trump vs the globalist nation destroyers.

Alex Znaiden says:

Hillary could not walk up the stairs

Deb Peterson says:

I respect Pres. Trump for refusing the alcohol-he doesn't drink,because he had a brother who died of alcoholism. This is what I have learned about it.

Russell Nielsen says:

These NATO ceremonies are a Dog & pony show.

Three Stooges — One is Dangerous says:

Turkey’s president is pronounced “Ur-doh-wahn.”

Jeff Strange says:

I didn't know the President of Turkey is married to an Alien ?

lemoncrinckles says:

Very interesting. Who provided the feed? Thanks, RSBN for showing the whole ceremony. You can only imagine the degree of security exercised here.

The American says:

Thank you RSBN for the wonderful coverage of our amazing President

zelda torna says:

Thank you, RSBN, for clear, helpful coverage of this historic event.

JC says:


violinhunter2 says:

Good job…. Our representative to NATO is a Texan!!!!

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