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SARGON IS A NAZI AND SHOULD BE DELETED OF THE INTERNET.. At least. That is what the Freedom stealing social media pages think. Jack from twitter should have a look at his website again, because as the CEO, he should understand that deleting a political figure from UKIP of his website is not okey.

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– Paul Joseph Watson Why I Joined UKIP:
– Milo Yiannopoulos Milo Yiannopoulos vs anti-racist on UKIP/Racism-14/3/15:


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TOON says:


claudia fahey says:

I think our culture is getting lazy and that's why certain people sit back and hurl insults at others that don't agree with them… too lazy to try and form a coherent argument or have a debate

Villain The Guts says:

Lmao you clearly dont shit about Sargon

H8rdwork says:

Twitter lies through their fucking teeth.

Solanum Caput says:

If civil war starts i'm putting Jacks head on a spike.

Jim fallow says:

The Nazi's were actually the good guys, it is just that they lost the war so the bad guys ended up writing the history books, they tell you the Nazi's were the baddies which you all believe.
The Germans's were primarily fighting to stop the Bolshevik jews from taking over Germany and initiating the kind of mass murder programme that the Bolshevik Jews had carried out in Russia and the other Eastern European countries the Boslsheviks managed to conquer.
The Nazi's did enough to weaken the Bolshevik Jews in WW2 so as to stop them from being able to conquer all of Europe, we actaully owe Hitler a huge debt.

Jim fallow says:

There is nothing wrong with hate directed towards those deserving of it.
The authoritarian left, those that wish to silence and suppress anyone that disagrees with them deserve to be hated.

Chleeb says:

Didn’t he post gay porn? I feel no compulsion to support that kind of “free speech”, tbh. That’s a reasonable cause to ban someone.

Kindrov says:

I hate things.

twistedmetalplayer21 says:

Here is my take.
1. Unless he ACTUALLY violated ToS he shouldn't be banned off twitter.
2. Nobody SHOULD be forced to listen to anyone they don't want. I hate Obama's political view, I block him on twitter if I want and vice versa. Forcing someone to listen to another person isn't right as well. That is why it is called FREEDOM.
3. Sadly Twitter is not a living place where people live. It is a private website owned by a company. No such thing as Freedom of Speech on it. They can ban whoever they want for whatever reason. Not saying we have to like it, but this is the way of social media.
4. Twitter CEO is a soyboy SJW.
5. I like pizza.

Arkticus says:

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Those who do learn from history are doomed to watch helplessly as others repeat.

Andrew Baker says:

Its to the point of making these platforms a public utility. Yes its gotten that bad now with censorship

isellcatlitter says:

i dont even have a twitter account, and i also banned facebook.

Dino Lupi says:

Jack Dorsey is so queer!

Stacey Clark says:

I don't think Freedom is a word anymore…..

Alec Perdeau says:

I'm so confused

MrBaddie says:

The whole progressive movement are the real Nazis. They just call everyone else a Nazi so they can't be labelled as Nazis.

grahepo says:

nazi is an acronym for national socialism and the socialist party in America is bernie sander's group who is working with the democrats, and the democrats being the party of the kkk

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