Should governments fill the Greyhound gap?

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MPs Dan Vandal, Matt Jeneroux and Don Davies discuss whether provincial and federal governments should fill the Greyhound gap after the company announced it would be ending service for nearly all routes in Western Canada. To read more:

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keith cunningham says:

There are hundreds of efficiently run city bus services in Canada. There is no shortage of professional drivers in Canada and no shortage of buses. Make it a Provincial program like highways maintenance or lcb's.

Zsolt E Silent Water says:

A NATIONAL BUS service is like the Train or the Highway. Canada without Greyhound is unimaginable


They had better, should have done it years ago.

Shirley Morneau says:

NO!! How dare they even suggest it. Sinking money into that sink hole?? TAX dollars from people's hard work to them?

Robert Ostman says:

if it is about carbon tax… then it may be a option to use a electric vehicle… like one of those trucks made by tesla…

Fuzzy Camel says:

Just give them bikes. Apparently bikes solve all liberal problems.


Solution, no need to pay income tax tilll certain time, problem solved. Instant 20%+ increase in revenue

Jade'sReproach Hollket. says:

No no and no! We have enough debt! Stay out of our pockets.
Sorry your business failed but not my problem!

BuzzFeed Right says:

I'm 16 and I got my license two weeks ago. #fuckthebus

Jess from BtS says:

I think federally run system of national transit is an important solution. Something reasonably priced that will get usage and fill the gap Greyhound is leaving. Don't bring Greyhound back, they are ridiculously priced…

Marven 316 says:

Stay out let the market fix itself. Run the buses less often plain and simple.
Fewer runs fuller buses and people can still get to where they are going.

BuzzFeed Right says:

Crown corporations aren't as effective free market companies, when they actually make money the government fucks it up. Then you get state run media that blocks comments and then sells the only valuable asset it has. Cough cough hockey night in Canada.

Jj Smith says:

God no!! Leave it to cbc to promote government spending, oh wait a government Service promoting government spending

Cold Pizza says:

No. No. No.

labelfree904 says:

Actually, I think the govt should allow private companies to bid on a passenger rail project, with small incentives. we're so far behind the rest of the world in regards of transportation.

G00GLE SucksAtPrivacy says:

Greyhound has simply failed to adapt to changes in the market. Where I live there are over a half dozen shuttle buses running on a daily basis from my small city to a large city in the province, that also stops at other communities for a reasonable price. These small busses leave at different times each day returning each day. This is done with no government subsidizes!

Solder Joe says:

HELL NO. No more tax money to corporations. If there is a need someone will fill the need if the government gets the hell out of the way.

Okanagan Dude says:

Gropehound just buy greyhound Trudeau

matrixripp09 says:

CBC puts these dumb women as hosts haha doesn’t even understand the carbon tax

Doug Grinbergs says:

I like Vassy Kapelos – informed and spunky. (:-) Trudeau Kinder Morgan vs Trudeau Greyhound?

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